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Yoshida confident The Last Guardian will live up to expectations - The Last Guardian for PS4 News

Shuhei Yoshida has said that he is confident The Last Guardian will live up to expectations when it arrives on PS4 this October, but that he doesn't want to spoil the game's story by showing too much of it ahead of its release.

Asked by German website Gameswelt.TV if he was concerned whether the game would fail to live up to expectations, the head of Sony's worldwide studios replied: "No, I'm not worried. I have confidence in the team and Ueda-san's vision. We are so excited to be able to finally play this game that needed to be out, and lots of people are waiting. I expect people will enjoy when it comes out."

The Last Guardian was announced at E3 2009 before suffering numerous delays, eventually making the jump from PS3 to PS4. It was finally re-revealed 6 years later at E3 2015.

"It was always in development," Yoshida continued, "and it took longer, especially when we made the decision to move from PS3 to PS4. Lots of engineering had to be redone from scratch so that was contributed to the length of the project.

"But now the team is very excited to be able to show a little bit of the game but we don't want to spoil the story so we are not going to show too much until the game comes out. But when the game comes out we want people to really enjoy [it]."

The Last Guardian releases on PS4 on October 28. You can pre-order The Last Guardian CE now from GAME(?)

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