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DOOM is bringing the classic centered gun look (and a photo mode)

DOOM, for all its time in development and years of reiterations, is a miracle. Not only that the game is out, but that it manages to capture the feel of the classic first-person shooter that started it all, while modernizing the formula in a way that’s catapulted it right into GOTY territory. A lot of what makes DOOM so good is a keen attention to classic detail, and there’s even more evidence of that in the game’s first big patch.

Going live on June 30th for all release platforms, the first big patch for DOOM is bringing with it two big changes. Firstly, you’ll now be able to change the weapon placement on the screen to your liking, meaning you can recreate the classic centered gun feel of the original (which looks great with the gorgeous visuals too). In addition to that, DOOM will finally have its own Photo Mode – allowing you to capture you demon killing escapades in all its gory glory.

DOOM brings back centered view in patch

There’s also a host of changes being made to the game’s multiplayer portion (now that iD has reigned in control over it), as well as some fixes for bugs across the board. You can read through the full change log below.

I’ve been itching for a reason to dive back into DOOM’s single-player again, so I think an aptly classic Nightmare run with a cantered view sounds like just the thing to get the blood pumping. Wouldn’t you think?

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