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The Banner Saga 2 and Tumblestone headline your July Games with Gold

June’s Games with Gold were…well, they were ok. Here’s a summary of what subscribers were entitled to download in this last month:

Not the most exciting games, if we’re honest. Goat simulator is a laugh for about 5 minutes, The Crew is largely just laughable (unless you shell out for its pretty good expansion). Super Meat Boy is amazing, but really old. And well, XCOM is probably the best game in the list.

In July, there are no great big retail games for Xbox One owners, but instead two really good games that you’ll probably love if you give them a chance. Coming up first is the rather damned good Banner Saga 2, which launches on console as a Games with Gold title. The other Xbox One game is the genre-bending match three puzzle game Tumblestone. It looks simple but I urge you to give it a shot.

On the Xbox 360 you’ll get Rainbow Six Vegas 2 (which has a full single player campaign!) and then later, Tron: Evolution.

To sum, here’s what’s coming to Games with Gold next month.

Not a terrible selection at all. I’m looking especially forward to being lost in The Banner Saga 2.

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