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Xbox One Prices Crash in Wake of Xbox One S Announcement

Microsoft announced the upcoming Xbox One S console at their E3 press conference on Monday and, as expected, that's had a knock-on effect at retail with regards to the price of the currently available models.

With the new console due to launch in August at varying price points (depending on the size of HDD you go for), retailers are clearing out old stock to make way for the new box which will - more than likely - become the de facto purchasing choice at retail the very second it hits the shelves.

As it stands, Amazon UK is selling the 500GB Xbox One FIFA 16 bundle, which comes with a month of EA Access, for the incredibly low price of £208.99. GAME have slashed their bundle prices to around the £230 mark. This essentially means that you can get an Xbox One for roughly the same price as a Wii U, which retails for £199.99 with a copy of Splatoon at Amazon.

These drops are entirely understandable, given that the lowest priced Xbox One S will retail for £249.99 in the UK for the 500GB model, £299.99 for the 1TB, and £349.99 for the 2TB. Even still, if you're not bothered about having a smaller console with a 4K Blu-ray drive, now could be the time to take advantage and pick up an original console.

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