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E3 2016: Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Showcased in Action Packed Teaser Trailer

The next installment of Konami's only surviving console franchise, Pro Evolution Soccer 2017, has been teased with an E3 2016 teaser trailer.

The game is pitched as prioritising 'more sophisticated gameplay' with improvements to passing, ball control, graphics, animation, goalkeeping and a new ability to control corner kick strategies. As revealed back in May, PES 2017 will introduce "Adaptive AI" which Konami has claimed will change sports games forever by learning how you play, potentially making games against the CPU feel more innovative and exciting.

You can watch the trailer for yourself in the video below:

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 is coming to Xbox One, expected to launch some around September. We will be sure to let you know as soon as a release date is announced.

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