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E3 2016: The Golf Club 2 Steps Up to the Tee

HB Studios are working on a sequel to the popular tee-'em-up The Golf Club, publisher Maximum Games has confirmed.

The Golf Club 2 is currently in development for release on Xbox One in early 2017, and will add a career mode to the acclaimed mix. In the mode, you'll progress by winning tournaments, earning money, and buying into respected golf societies and clubhouses, taking on more and more advanced opponents as you do so.

Online guilds will be on the cards too, along with full seasons and major tournaments online. The course creator - one of the most lauded parts of the first game - will return with more props and tools to use. Gameplay itself will feature a new swing mechanic - called Tempo Swing - which the developer says allows for more control and a greater payoff.

Maximum Games have sent over a batch of pre-alpha screenshots for you to check out below.

The Golf Club 2 will tee off on Xbox One in early 2017.

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