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E3 2016: Looks Like Bulletstorm Is Getting the Remaster Treatment

The 2010 action shooter Bulletstorm from People Can Fly and Epic looks like it'll be getting remastered for Xbox One.

That's according to a series of screenshots that have been handed out by Microsoft on an press asset package at E3. Whether the four shots were left in the pack by mistake, or whether Microsoft is set to make an announcement soon remains to be seen, but there's certainly been no official word as yet.

The screenshots were contained on a flash drive in a folder named "Bulletstorm Remaster" - subtle, right? - without any other information. You can see them below.

EA was the original publisher of the game, but apparently People Can Fly kept the rights to the IP after splitting from Epic, so we'd imagine that they're in a position to remaster the game and release it via any publisher, including Microsoft themselves.

We'll keep our ear to the ground for more.

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