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Gearbox details Battleborn DLC roadmap

Overwatch is the king of hero shooters right now – and it’ll probably stay that way for a good while yet. Unfortunately for Gearbox and 2K, that means their own Battleborn – though somewhat of a different game – hasn’t had nearly the same attention hoisted on it by media or consumers. I think, considering its miniscule impact, that Battleborn can be considered a bit of a flop.

And still, it’s being supported. In a blog post, Gearbox has outlined the game’s DLC roadmap, and what sort of extra content is coming to the game. Starting next month, Gearbox hopes to put out some new content every second week. There’ll be a bunch of free and paid DLC, including new maps, new heroes and new aesthetic things to spend real money on.

This should make the seven or so people who bought Battleborn happy.

They’ve also made mention of the stuff you can buy right now. Please? PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE? PLEASE BUY OUR GAME.

Purchasable with Earned Credits right now:

Purchasable with Platinum right now:

Battleborn is actually quite a bit of fun, but its release timing and the public perception around it going head-to-head against Overwatch hasn’t done it any favours.

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