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Activision boss responds to Call of Duty:Infinite Warfare hate

For a game that sells millions each and every year, it was downright odd to see Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare drop a trailer that went down as the most hated stream in history. More hated than my channel of Justin Bieber covers, oooh baby baby ooohhh. It’s a dizzying response to a series that has a very vocal fanbase, but a response that Activision learnt from nonetheless.

Speaking to Mashable, Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg explained that even with all those thumbs pointing south, Activision is still doing “the same thing after the response as before, which is focusing on making a great game.” Because it’s not the first time that a Call of Duty game has been viciously hated on just because of a trailer. Just look at Call of Duty Black Ops II, one of the most beloved entries in the series that previously held the record for most dislikes:


Our previous most-disliked trailer was the reveal trailer for Black Ops II. [That was] the first time we brought the franchise into the future. And that turned out to be one of our most successful games ever.

According to Hirshberg, Activision didn’t see the same negative reaction “on other platforms and in other metrics.”

The hatred itself seems to stem from the more futuristic approach that Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is taking, something which boggles my mind fiercely. When it comes to Call of Duty games, I know exactly which parts of the experience I want: A weekend single-player experience and a gauntlet of death outside of the multiplayer, such as in the Extinction mode that saved Call of Duty: Ghosts from being completely boring for me.

And all that, in SPACE. What’s not to love? It even has Jon Snow as a villain. Or in other words, why yoo heff to be medd?

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