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E3 2016: Nyko Announces SpeakerCom and Intercooler Grip for Xbox One

One at a time, please

Peripherals manufacturer Nyko has revealed three new products for use with the Xbox One.

First up, the Nyko Intercooler Grip for Xbox One attaches to the base of your Xbox One controller (as you can see above) and draws air in through the front to blow out of the back, keeping your hands cool and preventing the problems you get with having sweaty hands. Like having to just dry them. The Intercooler Grip goes for $19.99.

Next, the Nyko Charge Block is exactly what you'd expect. Only, there's a bit of a twist. The Charge Block is actually chainable, meaning that you can connect a few of them together at once. That's awesome if you have a whole mess of controllers to charge up, since most devices like this will only support two at most. Charge Blocks will be available single or double packs for $19.99 or $29.99 respectively, when they launch in September.

Finally, the most interesting of the trio is the Nyko SpeakerCom. If you're not a fan of headsets but still want to talk to your buddies on Xbox Live, the SpeakerCom is what you need. Again, it attaches to the bottom of the controller and provides a speaker and microphone on the face, with a Push-To-Talk button on the rear, effectively emulating a headset without you like, needing to wear one.

Of course, it also means that if you have a group of friends over and are playing online, they can join in with your online chat without needing to bring headsets with them, which is kind of cool. The SpeakerCom for Xbox One goes for $24.99.

All of these products are available for preorder or purchase over at Nyko's site.

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