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Neill Blomkamp’s Alien movie is going to erase Alien 3

I don’t think there’s a pair of related movies out there as tonally different as Alien and Aliens. The first film is a tense thriller, an extra-terrestrial horror that has managed to maintain its charm for decades now. And then there’s Aliens, a sequel which swapped the stalker suspense for a high dose of action that was pitch perfect for its era. And that’s when the series got weird.

Now don’t get me wrong, but I freakin’ loved Alien 3. It’s a magnificent blend of the previous two films, but it also attracted its own fair share of criticism along the way. It’s a polarising movie, the product of studio infighting that reflected on the final flick. And then there’s Alien: Resurrection which makes no frikkin’ sense at all. I mean, that damn Newborn Xenomorph was originally meant to have nightmare fuel levels of monster genetalia across a pair of chromosomes. Go Google it.

Years later, and a proper sequel is on the way. Not a prequel like Prometheus, but a follow-up that has Neill “Elysium” Blomkamp attached. When it eventually starts filming, will be a mystery, But wasn’t isn’t wrapped in secrets, is when exactly this sequel will take place as it looks like it’ll be pulling a Superman Returns and only considering the first two films to be canon. That’s according to Ripley herself, as Sigourney Weaver explained to Entertainment Weekly:

This year also marks the 30th anniversary of Aliens, in case you feel like being reminded that you’re old AF right now. To celebrate, Comic-Con will hold a reunion party with the cast of Aliens, and release a special anniversary Blu-Ray edition that includes theatrical and a director’s cut of Aliens. And also commentary, extended scenes, deleted scenes and collectible art cards.


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