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Don’t forget, these Suicide Squad figures are the bad guys

Worst. Heroes. Ever. Except the Suicide Squad isn’t the kind of team that you’d call to help save the day, am I right? I mean, if I asked Harley Quinn to get my cat out of a tree I’m pretty sure explosives would enter the equation sooner or later to remove Squeaky from being stuck up there. Killer Croc? He could probably chase a mugger down and eat his face off, while Deadshot could ruin my wallet by shooting a thief through the face.

And yet, I dig these guys. I’m proper amped for Suicide Squad, a movie which I think can do wonder for Warner Bros. and their cinematic ambitions if the movie manages to be a proper success. So much so, that I’ll be bankrupting myself to own a miniature Suicide Squad, a term I loosely apply to my several dogs whenever they decide that they’re finally ready to bark big at my cat who genuinely doesn’t take such nonsense lying down.

There’s at least three such figures on the way from Hot Toys that includes a swanky Joker, giggling Harley Quinn and man Uncle Phil from Frsh Prince of Bel-Air is looking ripped for someone who is supposed to be dead. Take a closer look:

And now for the fun part: The cost. Deadshot will set you back $244.99, Harley Quinn will take a chunk out of your bank account to the tune of $249 and the Joker will sweet talk ya for another $249. All three figures will be out next year from April to September. That Harley Quinn figure’s never-ending smile will most likely be pure nightmare fuel for anyone who wakes up in the middle of the night to see that expression staring a hole into their soul.

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