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Prepare to party up a storm with One Night in Karazhan – Hearthstone’s next adventure

The next hearthstone adventure has been revealed, and it does indeed focus on the magical citadel of Karazhan. There’s a party taking place, and you’re invited!

Karazhan, long a potent nexus of arcane energies, is about to become the focal point of a very different kind of cosmic force. The wizard Medivh has used every bit of magic at his disposal to set up the most lavish and extravagant party of all time, and your name is on the guest list alongside the crème de la crème of Azeroth and beyond! With such an eclectic mix of attendees, it’s guaranteed that this party will be out of this world.

But as you groove to the music and let the sights dazzle you, beware; one night in Karazhan, and even tough guys tumble. Keep your decks straight, your wits sharp, and above all, stay alive!

Hot damn! One Night in Karazhan looks like the product of one wild, drunken night between Warcraft lore and that other timeless tale, The Great Gatsby.

Yeah, this new adventure is looking excellent thus far. What can we expect from it though? Oh the usual – a wacky tale, several wings to explore, and of course, new cards…

One night in Karazhan Hearthstone pic

The first part of One Night in Karazhan will unlock in just two weeks – on August 11th. You can either unlock the whole adventure for $19.99, or pay $6.99 per wing. Alternately, you can pay your way into the party with your in-game earnings. A single slice of the adventure will set you back 700 gold pieces.

Trust me, you’ll definitely want to attend the party. Here’s a small taste of the 45 cards that will be up for grabs (via Polygon):

My body is ready! What about yours? Are  you excited to spend one night in KaraZhan? That’s nice! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to find something to wear to the party. Oh, and I suppose I should start grinding up gold too. That entry fee ain’t free!

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