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Man builds giant computer used to play Tetris -

A digital electronics engineer in Cambridge has built a giant 2 metre-high computer that can be used to play Tetris.

As reported by the BBC, James Newman began building the 'Megaprocessor' in his bungalow in 2012, which he hoped would help visualise the functions of a normal chip-sized processor and be used for educational purposes.

His final creation features 10,000 lights, weighs around half a tonne and measures 10m wide, with the cost coming in at around £40,000. It's said to run at a speed of up to 8Khz and feature 256 bytes of memory.

"The machine on your desk may be a million times better than what I have built - but mine is much prettier," he told the BBC. You can check out a video of Newman playing Tetris on it in a video on his website.

"My dream is that it goes to a museum or educational institute so that people can learn from it," he added.

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