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Sony sold 3.5m PS4 consoles in the last quarter -

More than 3.5 million PlayStation 4 consoles were sold between April-June 2016, Sony has announced, up from the 3 million sold during the same period last year.

The figure puts the total number of units sold at more than 40 million, although it's difficult to determine the exact number. Back in May, Sony announced that the console had sold through more than 40 million units as of May 22, although it's impossible to work out how many were sold during the quarter after that date.

The platform holder has also said previously that it expects to sell 20 million PS4 consoles between April 2016 and March 2017, meaning it has 16.5m left to sell in order to hit its target. If PlayStation Neo is due out before then, which rumours suggest it may be, Sony should see a healthy bump in sales.

Microsoft, meanwhile, hasn't announced Xbox One sales figures since November 2014.

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