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10 Second Ninja X launch price to be decided by demo players - 10 Second Ninja X for PS4 News

A 5-level 'Prepare To Buy' demo of 10 Second Ninja X is now available on Steam or DRM free here, Curve Digital has announced.

But there's a twist: By taking part in the demo and earning stars, the launch price of 10 Second Ninja will drop.

For each star players collect in the demo Curve Digital will drop the launch price by 0.0008 per cent. 50,000 stars will see the launch price on all platforms reduced by 40 per cent to £4.99, down from its regular £7.99, with the discount available to everybody.

"10 Second Ninja X may look like a straightforward action platformer,” says Dan Pearce from developer Four Circle Interactive, "but it's so much more than that. Achieving three stars on any level is a challenge – so we wanted to reward those who gain stars in the demo by offering a real, financial reward. With 15 stars available in the demo, we only need 3334 players to demonstrate total mastery. We have every faith that the challenge will be met."

You'll be able to see a running total of collected stars over at, with the challenge running until July 18.

10 Second Ninja X releases on July 19 for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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