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Dangerous Golf update introduces fast restarts and Burnout 3's DJ Stryker - Dangerous Golf for PS4 News

UPDATE: DJ Stryker is heading to Dangerous Golf, Three Fields has confirmed.

As revealed in the video below, Stryker is the host of the new in-game radio station Smash FM, providing the voiceover for a brand new training video. Look out for the update later today.

ORIGINAL REPORT: Dangerous Golf is receiving a major new update tonight, Three Fields Entertainment has confirmed, introducing fast restarts, a brand new control system and - potentially - a new voiceover from Burnout 3's DJ Stryker.

The developer teased the new voiceover in a tweet this afternoon, with a voice clip from Ted Stryker saying: "Did you miss me? You missed me right? Please tell me you missed me?". Meanwhile, an earlier tweet from Stryker suggests he could be providing voiceover work for some new tutorials.

Stryker previously performed as the in-game disc jockey in Burnout 3: Takedown although, as you can see by this 2004 thread on Neoseeker, he proved quite divisive.

In addition to the new controls, faster restarts and voiceover, Dangerous Golf's new update will also introduce a new SmashWave feature providing "more destructive power".

The update is expected to go live on PS4, Xbox One and PC between 6pm and 7pm this evening.

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