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XCOM 2's Shen’s Last Gift DLC out now - XCOM 2 for PC News

XCOM 2's Shen's Last Gift DLC is now available priced £7.99, 2K and Firaxis have announced.

"XCOM has uncovered intel on a hidden ADVENT facility housing new high-tech weaponry. Lily Shen, Chief Engineer on the Avenger, has volunteered to accompany your most elite squad as they infiltrate this facility, so that she may help uncover and assess what impact this new alien tech will have in the battle to reclaim Earth," explains the DLC's blurb.

2K adds that the ADVENT test facility is housed within multiple skyscrapers, linked together by enclosed bridges. In addition, the ADVENT MECs are based on a single prototype unit, which is believed to be somewhere within this ADVENT facility.

If you already own the Reinforcement Pack, do not purchase this DLC separately as you will be charged for it.

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