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Best computer speakers under $50

Have you tired of the confines imposed on you by headphones? Do you simply prefer hearing sound with your ears instead of deciphering YouTube’s lackluster closed captioning? If your answer to either of these is yes, take the first step towards ironing out that semi-permanent headset groove in your skull: Peruse this list of the best speakers under $50.

Amazon’s own brand of speakers give you the option of having either AC or USB power. reviewed these speakers, saying that “their sound quality is also surprisingly good considering how much they cost”. 4,858 reviews, 4.5 stars.

Compact. Simple. Great clarity. Provides high quality acoustics and bass control on the cheap. These speakers allow you to plug in two devices at once and switch between them at will. 2,093 reviews, 4 stars.

A subwoofer really adds some oomph to your sound with this speaker system from Logitech. This product is currently on sale on Amazon, for $24.88 instead of $27.49. 334 reviews, 4 stars.

Stay tuned for Part Two: Best Computer Speakers under $200!

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