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The Division gear-set bonuses detailed

By now, you’ve probably got a few favourite weapons and gear sets in The Division. Tried and trusted Cleaner-killers, which can easily sweep a room free of any elite and named enemies in range within Ubisoft’s RPG-shooter. Personally, I like switching between a Vector 45 ACP and the Liberator, while imagining that I’m re-enacting that fantastic showdown scene from the 2004 Punisher movie, working my way through goons and open car doors alike.

This week, there’ll be new gear and weapons to lust after in the fight to save New York from itself. Complete gear sets, as The Division borrows a page from the book of Diablo and introduces inventories that are designed to give players that extra edge. Here’s what you can expect to find when it comes to perks, for these setups when you’re wearing four pieces from the same set via GameSpot:

You’ll need to survive the new Incursion, Falcon Lost, to get your hands on these gear pieces. Or you can gamble on finding them in the Dark Zone and hopefully extracting without a bullet in the back. There’ll be numerous other changes to crafting and balance coming up as well this week when the April 12 update arrives, which this twat detailed last week.

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