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Underlord - coming to Dota on August 23rd

It has been years since Dota 2 was released, and after so long Valve has finally ported all heroes from the original Warcraft 3 mod created by IceFrog and co. On August 23rd, 2016 the final original hero who is known as 'Vrogos, the Underlord' will finally being added to Dota 2.

A brief pause during the all-star game in TI6 was used to announce, and welcome, the return of the good old Underlord. The first player to receive the honour to play the hero for the first time was n0tail.

After missing Underlord for so many years, we can finally experience the taste of the hero's ability as n0tail rained fire from the sky onto his foes. Unfortunately, we were unable to witness a cheesy backdoor attempt using the hero's teleport, Dark Rift, to teleport his team to an invisible Broodmother lurking the Radiant base.

The International 2016 had impressed the Dota community with an additional hero to the current hero pool. The community has been calling for the release of the hero for quite some time, and Valve delivered in spectacular fashion. The Underlord is back and makes his way into the game client on August 23rd.

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