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How to unlock every hidden fish in AbyssRium

It's the summer of clicker games! From Tap My Katamari's North American release to the new mobile hit AbyssRium, idle clicker games are more popular than ever. AbyssRium in particular is a very beautiful, calming experience that allows you to take your time unlocking everything. 

But screw that. The Coralite is lonely, and we're going to get it all of the fish friends it could ever want. Here's a guide that will show you how to unlock all of the hidden fish currently available in AbyssRium. As a note before we jump in, microtransactions and social media sharing are necessary to unlock everything, so be aware of that.

  • Camel Cowfish

    : Share a picture of a blowfish 3 times

  • Clown Tang

    : Take a picture of a tang 5 times

  • Commerson Dolphin

    : Save a picture of Lonely Coralite 3 times (This is what the game says, but it seems like a bug. To truly unlock the Commerson Dolphin, save a picture of a dolphin 3 times.)

  • Convict Tang

    : Leave the app open and active, but do not touch it or do anything else for an hour.

  • Cross Damsel

    : Take a picture of a damsel 3 times

  • French Angel

    : Save a picture of an angelfish 3 times

  • Hammerhead Shark

    : Save a picture of a shark 3 times

  • Jewel Damsel

    : Tap the upper left corner of the screen a thousand times

  • Juvenile Spotted Boxfish

    : Start the app by clicking on a notification. You have a 10% chance of unlocking the fish after not playing for 2 hours

  • Leatherback Turtle
  • Mahi Mahi

    : Play at midnight 10 times

  • Manta Ray

    : Share a picture of a sting ray on Twitter 3 times

  • Mauve Stinger

    : Take a picture of a jellyfish 10 times

  • Moorish Idol

    : Take a picture of the Mystery Chest 5 times, being sure to focus on the chest and not the Coralite

  • Narwhal

    : Tap the top-left corner 5,000 times

  • Pajama Cardinal

    : Play the game 20 times in one day

  • Snowflake Clownfish

    : Click the Twitter button 10 times in the settings menu

  • Spotted Mandarin Dragonet

    : There's a small chance to unlock this when you open the app from a notification 

  • Springer Dottyback

    : Share a photo on Twitter 3 times

  • Striped Marlin

    : Simply take a picture of the marlin when it visits. There's a small chance of it swimming by once every half hour

  • Whale Shark

    : Much like the spotted boxfish above, simply start the app by clicking on a notification. You have a 10% chance of unlocking the fish after not playing for 2 hours

Hopefully, by now, your Coralite is a bit less lonely. How are you enjoying AbyssRium? Let us know in the comments, and if you love clickers, be sure to check out our Tap My Katamari guide!

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