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PS4 Slim is real. Here's a video of it in action -

Update: Digital Foundry has managed to visit the person who bought the PS4 Slim from Gumtree and has recorded a video of the new console in action, confirming it to be legitimate.

Original report: Images of what claim to be a slimmer PS4 console have appeared online after the system was spotted on Gumtree. The listing was seen by Twitter user @shortmaneighty2 who also shared a host of images of the alleged console.

The seller, a supposed retailer, claims the slim will go on sale in a matter of weeks.

The new slim is expected to be announced alongside the Neo at Sony's September 7 event, with a slim release date believed to be set for shortly after the reveal, Eurogamer understands.

The Slim is expected to retail at under the current price of the PS4, with the Neo taking a more premium price point.

Sony hasn't commented on the leaked images.

Update: WSJ is also reporting that the PS4 slim is coming, with retailers in Japan noting that inventory of the existing model has been slashed to make way for the new system.

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