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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Blazing Beginner Tips and Tricks

The popular Ultimate Ninja series hits mobile with Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Blazing. It uses a unique turn-based and movement strategic battle system. It also has plenty of characters you know from the series, even some you couldn't play in the console games, as well as the original story.

There is a lot to learn about playing this game and doing the best you can, so I'm going to help by explaining everything you need to know.

Battles in Ultimate Ninja Blazing are turn-based, but you can use your turn to move around the board, switch characters, or use special attacks called Jutsu.

If you move within in range of the enemy, you will attack them.

Every time your character's turn comes up, part of their chakra gauge is filled. When it is maxed, they can perform a Ninjutsu.

Some character can use powerful skills called Secret Techniques that work like Ninjutsu, but are much stronger. They must save up more chakra to perform these. You can tell it is ready when the color of the chakra gauge changes.

To perform a secret technique, you must double-tap your character's portrait when they are ready, then move them just like when you use Ninjutsu.

Each character can have 1 of 5 different elemental affinities. Each of these elemental affinities has another that it is strong or weak against.

naruto shippuden ultimate ninja blazing elemental affinities

If your character is strong against the enemy, you deal more damage and take less damage from them.

If you are weak to the enemy, you deal less damage, and take more from them. 

Each character has a Field Skill and Buddy Skill. 

These are skills that affect the area around a character when they are on the field.

First, when you set up your team, you can have 2 people in the front row, and 3 people on the back row. The 3rd front row slot is reserved for a friend character that you can pick every battle.

The characters in the front row are the ones that are in the field and fighting. The characters in the back row support the character they are under with buddy skills.

During your turn, you can switch the character in the front row with their buddy in the back row.

The benefits of each buddy skill only works for the character they are linked to. You can switch the placement before battle, but not after it's started.

Missions come in 2 types: Story and Emergency.

Story Missions are always there and completing them unlocks more.

Emergency Missions are only there for a limited time and it lets you get characters and items you would not get in Story Missions.

You can also do each of these missions in multiplayer with other players. When playing with other players, there will be 2 others. Each player controls 1 front and back row character, so put the ones you want in your first slot.

You can enhance, or level, your character by selecting Enhance from the team menu.

Select the character you want to enhance, then add other items or characters from the list to power them up.

When your character reaches their max level, you can Awaken them to increase their strength and level cap.

Keep in mind that enhancing and awakening requires Ryo, the in-game currency.

naruto shippuden ultimate ninja blazing field placement

That wraps up my Beginner tips and tricks for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Blazing. Let me know if you have any questions!

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