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Indie Horror Game, Stay With Us, Released on Mobile and PC.

Indie game creator, Paulina Pabis -- who also worked on Eyes, The Horror Game -- has released a new game, titled Stay With Us.

Stay With Us is a first person horror survival game that follows a group of childhood friends who suffered a terrible incident and wished it never happened. The friends used to play in a graveyard, but, fifteen years ago, one of them fell into an open grave, and was never seen again.

The player’s goal is to find out the what actually happened to her after all the other friends mysteriously vanish. However, while you try to learn the truth, your friend’s tortured soul will hunt you down. You must locate fifteen candles that are hidden in the graveyard to set her soul free. Your friend’s soul is afraid of light and you can use the light to lure her away from your path.

Stay With Us is available on iOS, Android, and PC.

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