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Postknight Tips Guide for the Troubled Mail-Delivery Knight

Posted on 02/25 14:51 in More | 0

We're starting with a really basic one here.The best piece of advice I can give in regards to defending properly is to never defend when you're not being attacked.

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Multiple Lights and Shadows - Video and Code Walkthrough -

Posted on 02/25 10:27 in More | 0

So finally a video showing the multiple lights and shadows in motion.My keyboard response code seems to break down a bit when recording with CamStudio for some reason so the video doesn't look quite so smooth.

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Drawing a Game From Nothing: Concept Art -

Posted on 02/25 04:12 in More | 0

But for people who just like to create, it's in the design process; and nothing says design process quite like concept art.But what concept art does it does well: concept art is a grinding wheel for the hatchet of your imagination.

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Toy Fair 2017: TMNT figures and vehicles from Playmates

Posted on 02/24 22:21 in More | 0

Once again one of the biggest toy brands out there, TMNT was in full effect at Playmates’ Toy Fair booth.If you like the vintage TMNT line from the 1980s/90s, then you’re going to love what Playmates has on tap.

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Film Friday (2/24): This Week's New Movie Trailers

Posted on 02/24 21:44 in More | 0

View a guide to this weekend's new theatrical releases including Get Out, Rock Dog, My Life As a Zucchini, and more.Find out who will survive when My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea hits select theaters beginning April 14th.

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Resident Evil 7 Daughters Walkthrough Guide: The True Ending

Posted on 02/24 21:32 in More | 0

However, if you want to learn about these major story elements, you need to be able to get the true ending of the “Banned Footage Vol.The Daughters chapter starts with the father bringing a girl named Mia into the house, while you play as Zoe Baker.

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Enough fill-ins, the REAL Venom returns this May

Posted on 02/24 20:05 in More | 0

Either way you swing it, Eddie Brock is back, and he’s bonding with the symbiote once more ahead of the can’t-miss VENOM #150 – the oversized anniversary spectacular coming this May!Series writer Mike Costa is joined by superstar guest artist Tradd Moore for an oversized main story featuring Eddie’s return to the pages of Venom.

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Nintendo talks Switch eShop, announces no Virtual Console for launch

Posted on 02/24 18:19 in More | 0

Basically, if you were thinking of playing the classics on your Switch at launch, you can think again.Were you thinking about accessing and playing said library of Virtual Console purchases on your shiny new console?

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For Honor Guide: Berserker Info and Tips

Posted on 02/24 17:45 in More | 0

The Berserker is a fast-paced, aggressive Assassin for the Vikings faction in For Honor.They use twin axes and have infinite combos and uninterruptible attacks.

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Resident Evil 7 Banned Footage Vol. 2: A Ghastly and Satisfactory Ordeal

Posted on 02/24 17:43 in More | 0

Resident Evil 7's second piece of DLC, titled, “Banned Footage Vol.Much like RE7's previous DLC, “Banned Footage Vol.

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Stop Freaking Out About Nintendo's Joy-Con Desync Issue...It's Not a Big Deal

Posted on 02/24 16:45 in More | 0

According to multiple sources who have had early access to the Nintendo Switch hardware, the Nintendo Joy-Con controllers (in particular the left one) has been desynchronizing during gameplay.According to YouTube channel, GameXplain (above), the problem lies in the ability for the Joy-Con controllers to get a proper signal to the console.

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The duels in For Honor might be the most meaningful PvP games you ever play

Posted on 02/24 16:30 in More | 0

You must be patient (here you are hit on the head to emphasise the point).In For Honor the heroes have different attack ranges and speeds, but all the speeds are probably slower than you'd expect in a fighting game.

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Check out the new trailer for this creepy survival horror game

Posted on 02/24 15:17 in More | 0

is a survival horror game, set in a once idyllic futuristic city.It's an indie game that's been in development for a couple of years now, and is coming up to Steam Early Access.

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Nintendo Switch battery life put to the test

Posted on 02/24 14:08 in More | 0

You can expect to get around three hours of real world battery life from the Nintendo Switch when solidly playing launch title The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, reports GameSpot.Armed with several Switch units, GameSpot tested two scenarios from the starting point of a full charge.

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Little Scares: Can Horror Games Ever Work on Handheld?

Posted on 02/24 14:08 in More | 0

1 surround sound in order to fully immerse yourself in a horror game?What may work on a big screen might not be so effective on a handheld.

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Small Radios Big Televisions Broadcasts Strongly

Posted on 02/24 14:08 in More | 0

Who would have thought that cassette radios or cassettes in general would have the role they do in video games?They often end up being the key object you need to find to trigger past events in games such as Gone Home, yet Small Radios, Big Televisions takes a different approach.

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Twitch Prime offering free access to The Banner Saga games, also donating money towards dev of third game

Posted on 02/24 13:18 in More | 0

Twitch Prime will donate $1 to Banner Saga 3 developer Stoic Games for every person who downloads and plays The Banner Saga or The Banner Saga 2 which are being offered free to Prime members.A maximum of $200,000 will be donated.

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Let It Die: How To Find War Ensemble Green Metal

Posted on 02/24 13:10 in More | 0

In the Free To Play Playstation exclusive game Let It Die there are a few hard to find crafting materials -- one of these includes the various Green Metals in the game.This is the most simple way to have a chance at some green metals.

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Assassin's Creed's last-gen hurrah, Rogue, is now playable on Xbox One

Posted on 02/24 13:05 in More | 0

Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed Rogue is now playable on Xbox One via backwards compatibility, Microsoft has confirmed.Rogue was the last Assassin's Creed game to launch on previous-gen systems Xbox 360 and PS3, and many held it in higher regard than the next-gen Unity.

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Snipperclips is a Nintendo Switch launch game

Posted on 02/24 12:49 in More | 0

99 title digitally, or as part of a retail bundle including a pair of neon red/blue Joy-Con controllers.Pricing for the bundle is yet to be revealed, though the controllers alone cost £74.

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