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How to Beat (and Earn) Navarre In Fire Emblem: Heroes Using F2P Units

Posted on 04/26 11:19 in More | 0

Fire Emblem Heroes has had events called Grand Hero Battles every few weeks since its release.Moreover, unlike other recent Grand Hero Battle units -- Robin and Zephiel -- Navarre was neither a primary protagonist or antagonist in his game.

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Outlast 2 Codex: Finding all Recordings and Documents Part 1

Posted on 04/26 11:18 in More | 0

Recordings 1 and 2 After jumping down from where you landed following the crash, make your way to the wreckage of the helicopter.On the left side is a house you can enter, and the document is on the table in front of the painting of Knoth.

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How to Beat (and Earn) Female Robin in Fire Emblem: Heroes Using F2P Units

Posted on 04/26 10:44 in More | 0

The male Robin is a blue mage that can be obtained through the usual summoning process.This will leave her neutral against the attacking blue mage and at advantage against the attacking red mage.

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The Definitive Fire Emblem Heroes Non-Inheritance Tier List

Posted on 04/26 10:20 in More | 0

Give people a large cast of characters, like Fire Emblem Heroes does, and its a ripe breeding ground for opinions.So for the love of lists and Fire Emblem characters throughout the ages, I present to you GameSkinny's very own tier list.

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Night Trap Set to Re-Release With 25th Anniversary Edition, Including a Limited Physical Release

Posted on 04/26 10:17 in More | 0

The SEGA CD console add-on has many claims to fame, but arguably, none is more infamous than the full-motion video game that starred girls going wild before it meant something else entirely.Digital Pictures’ Night Trap, which is now getting a re-release on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for its 25th anniversary.

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Sonic Forces 2D gameplay shown off with classic Green Hill Zone stage

Posted on 04/26 09:27 in More | 0

Last month we got a look at the 3D sections of Sonic Forces as the game was shown off at SXSW.Sega has now released a gameplay video giving fans a glimpse of what Sonic The Hedgehog will look like when in his more familiar, flatter role as a 2D platformer in the upcoming game.

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Endless Frontier's Upcoming New Units (with Translations)

Posted on 04/26 03:33 in More | 0

Endless Frontier got some new Honor Units in Korea and, as one might expect, they look like they're going to change the meta completely just as with the last wave of Honor Units.There's one unit per tribe in this update, each one with direct combat benefits as well as general quality of life improvements should you have them.

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The 25th Anniversary Edition of Live-Action Classic Night Trap Coming to PS4 and Xbox One this Spring

Posted on 04/26 03:11 in More | 0

It's been 25 years since the full-motion-video game Night Trap was released, and now it's coming to PS4 and Xbox One this spring.After its release in October of 1992, it ended up being cited in Congressional hearings, where the game was called "shameful," "ultra-violent," "sick," and "disgusting," encouraging an "effort to trap and kill women.

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Lucasfilm Confirms Release Dates for Star Wars Episode IX and Indiana Jones 5

Posted on 04/26 03:06 in More | 0

The release dates for the Star Wars Episode IX and the next Indiana Jones films have been made official by Lucasfilm.We've already heard some bits and piece of information about Episode IX.

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Lucasfilm Confirms Release Dates for Star Wars Episode IX and Indian Jones 5

Posted on 04/26 01:34 in More | 0

The release dates for the Star Wars Episode IX and the next Indiana Jones films have been made official by Lucasfilm.We've already heard some bits and piece of information about Episode IX.

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Report: An Alien: Isolation Sequel May be in The Works

Posted on 04/26 00:57 in More | 0

A report from the Official PlayStation Magazine is suggesting that Creative Assembly is working on a new Alien game.Following the critically-panned Colonial Marines in 2013, Isolation surprised pretty much everyone by delivering an experience that was frightening, fun, and faithful to the Aliens franchise.

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Heroes of The Storm's Nexus Challenge is Back - Get Overwatch Skins, Lootboxes And More

Posted on 04/26 00:15 in More | 0

The Heroes of The Storm Nexus Challenge is back, allowing players to unlock rewards in both Overwatch and HoTS.Last year, Blizzard kicked off the Heroes of The Storm Nexus Challenge, tasking players to play 20 games with a friend and rewarding them with loot in both HoTS and Overwatch.

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Night Trap to get 25th Anniversary Edition

Posted on 04/25 23:56 in More | 0

A surprise announcement came on Tuesday afternoon, announcing that Night Trap, the 1992 FMV game will be getting a special re-release this Spring.The original game is a bit before my time, so this release is incredible to see.

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D.Va Receives New Skin From Playing Heroes Of The Storm

Posted on 04/25 23:48 in More | 0

To celebrate the launch of its massive Heroes of the Storm 2.0 update, Blizzard just released a trailer that showcases new content for both HotS and Overwatch -- plus a fresh skin for D.

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Grab These Great Deals on Dawn of War III, PS VR, and More

Posted on 04/25 22:41 in More | 0

On Thursday, April 27 Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III will hit the digital PC gaming shelves at the all-too-common $59.On the 3DS front Nintendo's own outlet on eBay has refurbished units of New Nintendo 3DS XL for only $170.

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Explore Talos I And Crafting In New PREY Videos

Posted on 04/25 22:37 in More | 0

In Preparation for their release date around the corner, Bethesda teases more footage from PREY.The aliens have escaped containment and taken over Talos I.

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Yooka-Laylee (PS4) Review

Posted on 04/25 22:28 in More | 0

When Yooka-Laylee was announced as a spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie, I knew I wanted it.Anyway, Yooka-Laylee’s premise will look very similar to anyone who has spent any amount of time with the original Banjo-Kazooie.

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Omnigames Has Announced Its MMO VR Game, Age of Heroes

Posted on 04/25 22:09 in More | 0

But developer Omnigames has announced that it's developing an MMORPG VR experience -- with a twist.Dubbed Age of Heroes VR, this upcoming game will allow teams of up to five players to take on MMO style raids and use teamwork to overcome multistage boss fights.

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Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite's Release Date and More Characters Announced

Posted on 04/25 22:01 in More | 0

In a new trailer released today, Capcom has announced an official release date for Marvel vs.For the first time in the series' history, the story will utilize a full cinematic story mode.

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How to Beat the Twins in Persona 5's NG+

Posted on 04/25 21:48 in More | 0

The elusive gold trophy "Beyond Rehabilitation" in Persona 5 requires you to defeat the twins in NG+.This duo can be tricky to track down and ultimately beat if you don't have the required knowledge.

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