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Heroes of the Storm 2.0: Hanamura Map Guide

Posted on 04/25 21:38 in More | 0

0, Blizzard has introduced a new map that was adapted from Overwatch -- Hanamura.This guide will help you take advantage of the most important strategic points of the map, and choose the best heroes for effective assaults.

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Phoenix Point is the New Turn-Based Tactics Games from X-COM Creator Julian Gollop

Posted on 04/25 21:37 in More | 0

The newest turn-based tactics game from X-COM creator Julian Gollop is Phoenix Point, and it's now crowdfunding on Fig.British game designer Julian Gollop has worked on many games over the years, but none are as popular as X-COM.

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Podcast - April 20, 2017

Posted on 04/25 21:10 in More | 0

The Escapist Podcast broadcasts live every Friday at around 1pm ET.You can participate in the discussion live every week on Twitch, and can email questions, topic suggestions, and complaints to [email protected]

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Grab a Steel-Wrapped Lightning Charging Cable That Won't Break for Just $29.99

Posted on 04/25 20:03 in More | 0

As you've probably noticed, the average charging cable doesn't have a long lifespan.But this isn't your average charging cable.

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Battlefield 1 Spring Update Will Add Platoons, New Weapon Variants, and More

Posted on 04/25 19:50 in More | 0

The Battlefield 1 spring update is coming soon, bringing platoons and new weapon variants to the game.Not only will Platoons return, but there are plenty of new weapon variants, as well as password protected servers.

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First day of Greenlight -

Posted on 04/25 19:49 in More | 0

26 hours later, I'm still on first page though, on slot 29th.Traffic has already slowed down and new votes (either 'yes' or 'no') have already stopped coming in.

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Brutally Honest Podcast 23: Too Many Trailers?

Posted on 04/25 19:38 in More | 0

We have a trim cast this week!They dig into Call of Duty, Code Vein, The Surge, Professor Layton, Playstation, StarCraft and much much more.

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Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite release date revealed in new trailer

Posted on 04/25 19:09 in More | 0

Released April 25, the new trailer revealed the game’s antagonists and elements of its story.Combining their strength, Ultron from “The Avengers” and Sigma of “Megaman X” fuse to form Ultron Sigma, leading an all out assault against the heroes of both universes.

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Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite launches this Autumn

Posted on 04/25 18:04 in More | 0

The announcement comes alongside a new trailer for the game that reveals a whole host of new characters coming to Marvel Vs.From Capcom comes Chun-Li, Chris Redfield and Strider Hiryu.

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Dawn of Andromeda Gets Its Full Release This May

Posted on 04/25 18:00 in More | 0

GreyWolf Entertainment and Iceberg Interactive have announced that their new Steam game, Dawn of Andromeda, will be getting a full release on May 4.An indie 4X strategy game, Dawn of Andromeda take players to the vast Andromeda galaxy, where novel and exotic species live as civilians, outlaws, and pirates.

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Platinum Games Might Have Teased Bayonetta 3

Posted on 04/25 17:30 in More | 0

A series of uploaded videos are making Platinum Games fans think that a third Bayonetta game could be announced soon.First there was the long-awaited release of Bayonetta on PC, followed by what looked like a tease of a PC version of Vanquish yesterday.

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Tarzan on the Planet of the Apes (Trade Paperback) Review

Posted on 04/25 17:14 in More | 0

To people who know me at all, hearing about Tarzan on the Planet of the Apes as a comic series came as no surprise as nearly the most exciting news a comic crossover could bring about.The trade paperback, which collects five issues of this glorious crossover, is set to hit shelves in mid-May.

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Mobile Game Reviews: Let's Talk Strike of Kings -

Posted on 04/25 16:56 in More | 0

In this daily blog-series I talk about and debate the best mobile games that I come by.Be sure to share your favorite mobile game with the rest of us in the comments below!

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Injustice 2 achievements reveal Joker as playable character

Posted on 04/25 16:50 in More | 0

Injustice 2's achievement list has seemingly revealed the identity of one of the game's unannounced characters (via XboxAchievements).Two achievements specifically reference Joker who hasn't been announced by NetherRealm and Warner Bros.

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The Battle Plan (for creative people) -

Posted on 04/25 16:33 in More | 0

I feel like I have way too much time.I also feel I have way too many things I want to do.

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Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Launches With No Multiplayer

Posted on 04/25 16:25 in More | 0

Even though the second delay was made to allow CI Games to make tweaks based on feedback from the game's open beta, there's still one thing missing: the game's multiplayer.The multiplayer was mentioned several times as part of the game, and the season pass included a number of maps for it.

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Resident Evil 7 Spring DLC Delayed

Posted on 04/25 16:11 in More | 0

The development team behind the hit game Resident Evil 7 have some unfortunate news for regarding the release of their Spring DLC release.We have some important news for you today: we have decided to delay the release of the free Not a Hero DLC which was previously announced as coming in Spring 2017.

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Sniper Ghost Warrior 3's multiplayer mode coming months after launch

Posted on 04/25 15:42 in More | 0

Developer CI Games has mentioned multiplayer maps in the past, but only today have they addressed it properly."CI Games, throughout our development of Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, we have had two focus [sic], The first is to provide the best possible single player experience in our most ambitious game in the Sniper Ghost Warrior series to date.

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Outlast II (PC) Review

Posted on 04/25 15:34 in More | 0

I describe Outlast II as a perspective and atmosphere-driven horror game.From the get-go, Outlast II starts out pretty much the same way the original Outlast game did.

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Indiewatch: Anodyne - A Masterweird Zelda-Esque Title

Posted on 04/25 14:05 in More | 0

Welcome to Indiewatch, a series where every Friday, we take a look at a good, yet unknown, unappreciated, and overlooked indie title.In order for a game to be covered on Indiewatch, it must fit into the following criteria: This week we are taking a look at Anodyne.

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