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Community: The Australian FGC Episode 06 – Weng "CoolzInferno" Choe

The second episode filmed at the Queensland fighting game major ButtonSmash features the man with a million names, each one more nonsensical and meme-tastic than the last. Also known as CoolzInferno, CoolzHAMYOLO, 2DSatan, Soji-killah- the wacky Weng from Western Australia is a tournament organiser in Perth and a very frequent flier in the Australian tournament circuit.

He’s known for mercilessly popping off on his hapless roommates (me) and his unique Taylor Swift-lovin’ Tinder-reviewin’ absurdly hilarious personality. We discuss his time at ButtonSmash, the WA scene, and what life lessons you could learn from the FGC. Hope you guys like it!

You can check out the Buttonsmash results and recap here.

The next FGC major in Australia will be Melbourne’s BAM6 (Battle Arena Melbourne) on the 10th-11th of May. Come join in the fun and get some games in with us!

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