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PAX Australia 2013: An Interview with Denis Rogic, Art Dictator on Beatbuddy

If you asked me to describe Beatbuddy, I say side-scrolling, musical adventure. But that doesn’t quite encapsulate what makes it so special. There’s a little puzzle game in there too, but it doesn’t feel like a puzzler. Denis Rogic had a similar amount of trouble explaining Beatbuddy to us at PAX Australia earlier this month. He eventually thrust some headphones and a controller into my hand and I suddenly knew what he meant. Beatbuddy is all these things, wrapped up in a beautifully designed, charming blue shell.

Rogic is the CEO, Co-Founder and Art “dictator” at Threaks, a first time game development company who sat down four years ago with the idle desire to make a game. Multiple iterations later (after they realised making a 3D game right off the bat might have been a bit ambitious), we have Beatbuddy. Rogic is a fascinating guy and lovely to talk to, but Beatbuddy speaks for itself once you get those headphones on. The music is just so damn catchy and reactive to how you progress through the level.

What’s especially surprising for a first time game studio is some of the talent they’ve gotten on board. With each level’s sound design being handled by a different artist, Threaks have managed to get composer Austin Wintory, of Journey fame, on board and Rhianna Pratchett to spruce up their writing. Once Beatbuddy is released on Steam, keep an eye out for Threaks in the future, as I suspect this isn’t the last we’ll be seeing of them.

Beatbuddy is set to be released on Steam, August 8th. You can find more information about Beatbuddy on the official website.

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