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Community: The Australian FGC Episode 07 – Dejan Stantic

The third episode filmed at the Queensland major ButtonSmash features Dejan Stantic, an organiser from the beautiful Gold Coast and the founder of the fighting game group Gold Coast Fighters.

Here in Australia we have a small population spread over such a large land mass, so you see a lot of small regional communities pop up run by passionate dudes like Dejan. Props to every regional community organiser out there for their hard work, I hope to see everybody get together at the yearly majors and that we can work together to make our national scene even bigger.

In this episode Dejan talks about; the Gold Coast scene, how the different communities in Australia influence each other, ButtoSmash 2014, and the correlation between fighting game players and musicianship. Hope you guys like it!

Editors Note: We just want to give Dejan a huge shoutout from everyone here at Gamer Kick. Dejan has been a long time supporter of DC (since its inception) and it’s thanks to followers like him, we keep the site going. We love you Dejan.

You can check out the ButtonSmash results and recap here.

The next FGC major in Australia will be Melbourne’s BAM6 (Battle Arena Melbourne) on the 10th-11th of May. Come join in the fun and get some games in with us!

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