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How to buy the right video card

Posted on 02/12 12:13 in Shows | 0

But choosing a video card isn’t all that easy.The first thing you need to determine before buying a card is what you want that card to do for you.

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Here’s What Sexist Video Games Do to Boys' Brains

Posted on 03/19 21:09 in Shows | 0

It can be easy to objectify women in some popular video games.“When you watch a film you may zone out, but when you play a video game you cannot zone out.

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Netflix introduces HDR video

Posted on 05/09 02:39 in More | 0

High dynamic range, or HDR, is a format capable of displaying millions more shades of colour and greater brightness gradients per pixel.Ultra HD Blu-rays, which offer 4K picture quality and launched in the UK this week, also incorporate HDR technology.

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This Spring's 20 Most Anticipated Video Games

Posted on 03/11 01:44 in Shows | 0

It’s an alt-history sci-fi game (designed from the ground up for virtual reality) where Kennedy was never assassinated and NASA and Russia established a permanent moon base before expanding to the outer reaches of our solar system.In Mindfield’s Pollen, you explore the Saturnian satellite Titan, sleuthing for clues and solving puzzles to learn what hides beneath the moon’s surface.

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What to Watch Now on Amazon Instant Video

Posted on 07/21 07:33 in More | 0

This is the new permanent home of our guide to the best of Amazon Instant Video (including free titles for Prime members).The following recently added Amazon Instant Video titles received a Metascore of 61 or higher (or are much older "classics" that do not have a Metascore).

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Why old video games appeal more to me

Posted on 02/14 15:56 in More | 0

No matter how many modern video games I play, I can not help but always return to the retro games.No matter how many modern games I play, no matter how good they are, they simply do not appeal to me the same way that old games do.

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When is a video game too long?

Posted on 03/08 02:29 in More | 0

I am not one to usually moan about a video game being too long but in some cases, I make an exception.So, when is a video game too long?

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How Video Games Are Shaping the Future of Museums

Posted on 03/24 01:14 in Shows | 0

The future of museums might be video games.We can open educational doors to undocumented students.

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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Trailer gets more dislikes than any video game video

Posted on 03/24 10:21 in More | 0

The trailer has gotten more dislikes than any other video on the channel.Employees over at DICE, the developer behind Battlefield, tweeted some unflattering comments about the new trailer.

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Behind the Scenes Video of the Warcraft Movie

Posted on 05/30 18:44 in More | 0

As World of Warcraft fans count down the days until the June 10th release of the movie Warcraft, the Warcraft Twitter feed has released a short behind-the-scenes stroll through the Alliance capitol, Stormwind.In the video, we join acclaimed designer and creator Chris Metzen as he experiences (in some awe and disbelief) the recreation of Stormwind.

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Is UK Video Game Pricing Too High?

Posted on 06/03 04:30 in More | 0

Recently, it's become quite noticeable that digitally-distributed video games are somewhat over-priced in the United Kingdom compared to the United States.There are currently various pieces of information, utilised as arguments, which have been used to demonstrate the pricing of video games as fair; this mostly concerns physical versions.

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The PissPadd: Bringing Video Games to your Bathroom Breaks

Posted on 06/06 21:59 in More | 0

Playing water-sports will never be more fun than with the PissPadd - it can turn your daily bathroom break into a full on game - quite literally.The PissPadd is a new gaming peripheral designed by Paul Sponagl that will apparently ensure a lot of bathroom fun for the whole family -- or at least those individuals that can pee standing up.

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How to Make the Same Video Games Fun Again

Posted on 06/07 20:04 in More | 0

Playing even your favorite video games time and time again can get boring when you've seen and done everything before.That's why we're offering a few suggestions on how to spice things up and put a little fun back into those old video games.

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The 20 Highest-Grossing Video Game Franchises of All

Posted on 06/08 18:50 in Shows | 0

From June 14 to June 16, the gaming community will gather at the Los Angeles Convention Center for E3 2016.Here’s a look at history’s most successful video game franchises — many of which will make an appearance at E3 2016.

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Our 15 Most Anticipated Video Games This Summer

Posted on 06/23 16:28 in Shows | 0

You’re headed for the stars some 6,000 light years from Earth by way of another motley cast of heroes with outlandish hairdos and gloriously gaudy duds.The fifth in studio tri-Ace’s Star Ocean roleplaying series hopes to reinvigorate its classic realtime combat with up to 7-player battles and a story about first contact with an alien species.

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PS4 Slim is real. Here's a video of it in action -

Posted on 08/23 03:23 in More | 0

Original report: Images of what claim to be a slimmer PS4 console have appeared online after the system was spotted on Gumtree.The listing was seen by Twitter user @shortmaneighty2 who also shared a host of images of the alleged console.

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The 50 Best Video Games of All

Posted on 08/23 11:05 in Shows | 0

In the 1980s, the years that led up to Nintendo’s reign were dominated by PC titles, and of these none were better imagined than Sierra’s.When honoring their adventure line, critics typically laud the original King’s Quest.

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This Startup Is Resurrecting a Revolutionary Video Game Idea

Posted on 09/13 13:03 in Shows | 0

But for upstart cloud gaming firm LiquidSky’s CEO, Ian McLoughlin, it’s down to two things: infrastructure and content.By contrast, cloud gaming promises developers homogeneity and users freedom from relentless bank-emptying upgrades.

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Do Video Games Need New Power Fantasies?

Posted on 11/30 20:37 in Deals | 0

Leigh Alexander has an interesting piece about the need for new power fantasies in our entertainment, from TV shows to video games.But mostly, video games are still games, like sports are games, and we enjoy these things because they’re games first and other stuff second—other stuff being the message, the morality, the politics.

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The 10 Most Beautiful Video Games of 2016

Posted on 12/05 19:35 in Shows | 0

Our list of the best looking games of 2016 isn’t just a rundown of the year’s most glamorous eye-poppers.Technical breakthroughs are one way of thinking about graphics in any art form, but too much of it and you risk siloing thinking.

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