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New Leak Shows Off Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL

Posted on 09/19 22:46 in Shows | 0

The Pixel 2 XL (left) looks to be getting a price bump this year, but the regular Pixel 2 (right) will stay the same.The new leak comes by way of Android Blog DroidLife, which seems to have gotten access to an incomplete Google Store page for both devices (they include URLs for the Pixel 2 and 2 XL that currently 404).

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iPhone 8 and 8 Plus Review Roundup: Great Phones No One Thinks You Should Buy

Posted on 09/19 22:46 in Shows | 0

The Verge’s review headline refers to the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus as “The default option,” and notes “If you know what an iPhone is and you want one, then the iPhone 8 is exactly that, one tick farther down the line.The funny thing is, everyone pretty much agrees the iPhone 8 is a great phone.

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US Navy to Use Xbox 360 Controllers for Submarine Periscopes

Posted on 09/19 18:51 in Shows | 0

Each one of the US Navy’s Virginia-class submarines costs about $2.According to Lockheed-Martin, the US government is in the process of outfitting Virginia-class submarines with Xbox 360 controllers to control the periscope.

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Conductive 'Smart' Tires Sense Road, Adjust Width and Pressure to Adapt

Posted on 09/19 16:56 in Shows | 0

Imagine “smart” tires that can sense road conditions, such as rain, snow, or even beach sand, and automatically adjust the pressure and the width of the tires to deliver the best performance.It would measure inflation pressures, which the currently available TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) does not, and also tire and road temperature, the presence of moisture (snow, rain, or ice) on the road, and tread depth.

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Apple Quietly Increases Cost of iPhone Screen Repairs

Posted on 09/19 16:08 in Shows | 0

All the company’s phones from the last few years will now cost you $20 extra if you need a screen replacement.For the smaller iPhone 6s and 7, a screen replacement runs you $149, up from $129 a few weeks ago.

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Stanislav Petrov, Man Who Saved World From Nuclear Annihilation, Has Died

Posted on 09/19 13:36 in Shows | 0

There aren’t many people who could claim to have saved the world and not be accused of gross exaggeration.We now know key figures in the USSR were convinced these operations were part of a secret nuclear attack the US was preparing to launch.

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Hackers Hid Malware in CCleaner for Nearly a Month

Posted on 09/18 21:22 in Shows | 0

Worse, the company distributed infected versions of its products for nearly a month before realizing the problem.The infected payload affects two CCleaner products — CCleaner v5.

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Astronomers Catch a Glimpse of a Pitch-Black Planet

Posted on 09/18 19:36 in Shows | 0

That’s become less likely as the number of exoplanets we’ve positively identified has risen; with more than 2,000 exoplanets identified today, hot Jupiters are clearly common.Scientists working to detect planets have found that one Hot Jupiter, identified as WASP-12b, is the blackest planet known to exist, absorbing 94 percent of visible light.

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Ancient Meteorite Impact Produced Highest Natural Temperature Ever On Earth

Posted on 09/18 18:43 in Shows | 0

This 17-mile (28-kilometer) depression contains Mistastin Lake, which is quite obviously an impact crater when seen from above.There’s an arcuate central island in the lake, which is the central uplift of the original impact crater, and the lake itself is roughly circular.

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Browser-Based Mining Malware Found on Pirate Bay, Other Sites

Posted on 09/18 15:06 in Shows | 0

That seems to be the thinking behind a new wave of cryptocurrency malware that’s loaded via websites and runs while you have a page open.Meanwhile, in other news, new browser-based malware has been popping up that also leverages JavaScript and also mines coins on hardware.

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Gaming Rules! » Gaming Rules! Podblast 1 – Interview with Vlaada Chvatil

Posted on 09/16 12:36 in Shows | 0

In this episode, I am joined by Vlaada Chvatil talking about the release of the Through the Ages app and his future projects.For more Gaming Rules!

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HP Is Once Again Breaking Printers With Third-Party Ink Cartridges

Posted on 09/15 23:14 in Shows | 0

Last year, HP pushed a stealth firmware update that started killing printers that used ink sold by third-party vendors.Roughly six months after the last firmware update had been installed, multiple HP printers suddenly stopped working, claiming they had been filled with the incorrect ink cartridge.

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Tiny Keyboard Experiment: Living with the 'Minivan'

Posted on 09/15 21:28 in Shows | 0

I’ve been using this tiny “40% keyboard” for a week to see how well I adapt (if at all).Even if you don’t want to use a 40% keyboard, you have to admit this thing is cute.

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Is BabyX the Future of Silicon-Based Life Forms?

Posted on 09/15 19:18 in Shows | 0

In the admittedly futuristic discipline of simulated artificial life form, or animat, research, BabyX is perhaps the most ambitious project to date.A milestone that many pundits had predicted to still be many decades in the future, the advent of BabyX brings a host of moral and philosophical questions regarding artificial life: What are our duties and obligations to silicon-based life forms?

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Google Chrome Will Block Autoplaying Video With Sound Next Year

Posted on 09/15 18:26 in Shows | 0

It’s not so much the video, but the sound from the video that is truly aggravating.Next year, you may never again have to hunt through your Chrome tabs in search of the one that’s producing sound.

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NASA's New Horizons Probe Wakes Up to Study Kuiper Belt

Posted on 09/15 17:45 in Shows | 0

More than three and a half billion miles away, NASA’s New Horizons probe has woken up from its long slumber, ready to take on a new mission in the outer reaches of the solar system.Now it’s on toward other Kuiper Belt objects (KBOs), which could tell us even more about the solar system than Pluto did.

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The Cuban Sonic Weapon Story Keeps Getting Stranger

Posted on 09/15 17:45 in Shows | 0

There are now at least 21 US victims and a few from Canada.But the symptom and experiences of the victims are varied and don’t point to a single cause.

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Best Cars of the 2017 Frankfurt Auto Show

Posted on 09/15 16:12 in Shows | 0

The massive Frankfurt Auto Show once again displayed the might of the German auto industry.Mercedes-Benz put a Formula 1 engine in a sports car and announced a self-driving EV (two birds, one stone).

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How Cassini Changed Our Understanding of Saturn and the Solar System

Posted on 09/15 15:46 in Shows | 0

To-date, this has been the only successful probe landing in the outer solar system.But we weren’t necessarily counting on all the surprise beauty shots that Cassini captured of Saturn and its surroundings.

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Equifax's Failure to Apply Security Patches Enabled Massive Hack

Posted on 09/15 13:04 in Shows | 0

Last week, a massive hack of the credit bureau Equifax stole critical personally identifiable information (PII) on 143 million US citizens.The flaws that allowed hackers to penetrate Equifax and steal its customer data were patched several months ago.

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