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Much-Anticipated Giant Robot Fight Was Staged, Took 3 Days to Film

Posted on 10/23 21:57 in Shows | 0

Both companies had a giant mech-like robot, so it seemed like a perfect match.Not only was the fight pre-filmed, it was also staged over the course of three days.

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The Pixel 2's Screen May Have a Serious Burn-in Problem

Posted on 10/23 21:45 in Shows | 0

Multiple end users are reporting significant problems with burn-in, even after just a few days of using the device.LCDs have become much better at handling burn-in than they once were, but it still happens.

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Windows 10 Now Integrates Its Own Cheat-Detection Capabilities

Posted on 10/23 16:41 in Shows | 0

Now, Microsoft is getting into the fray with its own cheat-detection options, debuted as part of the Fall Creators Update.According to MS, “customers who have not opted into TruePlay’s game monitoring are still able to launch protected games.

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FAA Suggests Banning Laptops From Checked Luggage

Posted on 10/23 15:33 in Shows | 0

Most travelers prefer to keep expensive electronics like laptops in their carry-on bags, but you may soon be forbidden to check a laptop or similar piece of electronics.The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has recommended that laptops be banned from checked luggage worldwide.

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In-Browser Cryptocurrency Mining is Exploding Across the Web

Posted on 10/23 13:57 in Shows | 0

When we covered the appearance of in-browser cryptocurrency mining two weeks ago, it was confined to a single site; The Pirate Bayq.Initially, Coinhive was offering Monero (cryptocurrency) Javascript mining, but a host of clones have popped up in a matter of weeks.

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New Pokémon Are Coming to Pokémon Go For Halloween

Posted on 10/21 03:46 in Shows | 0

As part of a Halloween promotion, Niantic and the Pokémon Company are adding a slew of new Ghost-type Pokémon to Pokémon Go.These will include critters such as Banette and Sableye that are found in the Hoenn region from the popular Pokémon role playing games for Nintendo's handheld consoles.

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Tim Cook Says the Mac Mini Isn't Dead, but It Sure Leaves a Lot of Performance on the Table

Posted on 10/20 22:49 in Shows | 0

The current Mac mini is a late-2014 model with a Haswell-based Core i5-4260U, Core i5-4278U, or a Core i5-4308U.According to Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, the Mac mini isn’t dead, it’s just resting an important product in Apple’s desktop lineup.

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ET Deals: 95% Off Complete Ethereum Blockchain Mastery Bundle

Posted on 10/20 20:07 in Shows | 0

Today’s course bundle from SkillWise is a slam-dunk.You’ll get four courses on the intricacies of the Ethereum platform, so you’ll be able to hit the ground running when it comes time for implementation.

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The Best PS4 and PS4 Pro Accessories

Posted on 10/20 19:06 in Shows | 0

Whether you’re using an original model, PS4 Slim, or PS4 Pro, there are likely aspects of your experience that could use some improvement.So to help you find the signal within all the noise, we’ve selected eight of our favorite accessories for the PS4.

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Blue Origin's Successful BE-4 Test Fire Puts SpaceX on Notice

Posted on 10/20 17:17 in Shows | 0

The Blue Engine 4 (BE-4) has successfully completed a 3-second burn at 50 percent power.The RE-4 uses liquid oxygen and liquid methane for fuel and is rated for 550,000 lbf (2400 kilonewtons).

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Intel May Deploy AVX-512 in Upcoming 10nm Cannon Lake CPUs

Posted on 10/20 17:17 in Shows | 0

When Intel launched Skylake-SP (aka the Core X-series) earlier this year, one of the major features of the product family, in addition to a revamped L2 cache structure, was its support for Intel’s latest SIMD instruction set, AVX-512.But Intel launched it as a feature in some of its Xeon Scalable Processors and the Skylake-SP-derived Core i9 and Core i7 CPUs launched earlier this year.

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Windows 10 Fall Creators Update Leaves Up to 30GB in Installation Files

Posted on 10/20 15:29 in Shows | 0

The new OS version isn’t a radical change from the previous Creators Update, but it does introduce some new features and improvements to Edge, OneDrive, GPU monitoring, battery meters, and more.This can leave the aforementioned 30GB of files on your system, in at least some cases, which would be particularly impressive in my case considering my current Windows folder is 30GB.

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The Pixel 2 XL's Screen Isn't Bad, We're Just Getting Picky

Posted on 10/20 13:46 in Shows | 0

The Pixel 2 XL represents a major design departure from the first-generation Pixels.There are three issues people point to with the Pixel 2 XL’s display: dull colors, viewing angles, and distortion at low brightness.

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Rumor: iPhone 8 Production Slashed in Half On Weak Demand

Posted on 10/19 22:48 in Shows | 0

We’ve said from the beginning Apple could be facing a serious problem with the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X.Now there are reports that the company has cut iPhone 8 production by as much as 50 percent.

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Scientists Detect Massive Caverns on Moon That Could House Colony

Posted on 10/19 21:00 in Shows | 0

It’s nearby and could serve as a launchpad for missions to other locations in the solar system.Scientists have long wondered if shadowy crevasses on the lunar surface could be entrances to caverns that could serve as a home for future colonists.

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Is USB-C Chasing an Unachievable Goal?

Posted on 10/19 18:20 in Shows | 0

When Intel announced USB-C would carry Thunderbolt 3, it seemed like a great match-up.If you bought a USB-C cable, it might support Thunderbolt, or it might not.

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Mysterious Molecules Detected On Saturn During Cassini's Grand Finale Dive

Posted on 10/19 16:10 in Shows | 0

We’ll no doubt be treated to a lot of cool discoveries based on Cassini’s Grand Finale.This week, scientists from the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory announced Cassini’s detection of some wild and unexpected particles in Saturn’s atmosphere.

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2 Giant Robots Enter a Steel Mill for a 3-Round Slugfest. Which One Leaves?

Posted on 10/19 15:00 in Shows | 0

Back in 2015, American startup MegaBots Inc challenged Japanese company Suidobashi to a Giant Robot Duel–a knock-down dragout, totally-not-staged fight between the US and Japanese robot teams.The Japanese robot, in contrast, favors melee combat.

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Microsoft: ARM-Based Windows Laptops Will Have Amazing Battery Life

Posted on 10/19 13:13 in Shows | 0

These new ARM systems will run on Snapdragon 835, they’ll emulate x86 instructions to ensure cross-compatibility, and, according to Microsoft, they’ll offer amazing battery life.Trusted Reviews spoke to Microsoft exec Pete Bernard, who told the site that Microsoft’s ARM battery life is “really, really good.

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Meet Richard Thaler, the Man Who Just Won the Nobel Prize for Helping You Save for Retirement

Posted on 10/19 03:53 in Shows | 0

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