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Windows 10 Creators Update review roundup: mostly positive, but not quite perfect

Posted on 03/30 16:21 in Shows | 0

Reviews of Windows 10’s Creators Update went live yesterday, and we’ve rounded up their thoughts and conclusions so you don’t have to.There’s a lot to cover in the Creators Update, so we’re going to break our coverage down by how significantly things have changed from the Anniversary Update to the Creators Update (no apostrophe).

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Tesla Model 3 details: first cars will be rear-drive, no speedometer behind steering wheel

Posted on 03/30 13:31 in Shows | 0

With Tesla no more than nine months away from initial production of the Model 3, more information is appearing.Separately, he acknowledged that early production of the Model 3 would be rear-wheel-drive only.

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Patch 7.2 Hotfixes - March 29, Blue Posts, Tweets, DLC #577

Posted on 03/30 06:25 in Shows | 0

() We're testing a hotfix for this right now.So if anyone played yesterday and thought "This 400ms window feels terrible", that's a misunderstanding.

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Patch 7.2 Content Release Timeline

Posted on 03/29 23:58 in Shows | 0

We’ve seen some confusion around the availability and timing of various aspects of the 7.With the release of Patch 7.

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Patch 7.2 Creature Scaling With Item Level - Update

Posted on 03/29 23:20 in Shows | 0

Thanks for the feedback on this issue.It’s clear that we need to make some changes here, so here are our current plans: It should also be noted that this change was on the Patch 7.

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The 6 most interesting features of the Galaxy S8

Posted on 03/29 23:10 in Shows | 0

The leaks were solid this year — the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus have curved displays with rounded corners, and essentially no bezel.Here are the six most interesting features of the Galaxy S8.

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Samsung launches the Galaxy S8, S8+: Hardware specs and features inside

Posted on 03/29 21:19 in Shows | 0

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a 5.DJ Koh, president of Samsung’s mobile business, told the audience “The Galaxy S8 is our testament to regaining your trust by redefining what’s possible in safety.

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NASA's new image and video library is searchable and mobile-friendly

Posted on 03/29 20:25 in Shows | 0

You can visit it right now and get access to more than 140,000 NASA images, videos, and audio files.There’s content from NASA’s endeavors in aeronautics, astrophysics, Earth science, and of course, human spaceflight.

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ET deals: Save big on Amazon Kindle ereaders

Posted on 03/29 16:52 in Shows | 0

If you’re in the market for a new ereader, today’s sale from Amazon will definitely make your wallet happy.For Prime members only, Amazon is offering up big savings on three of the most popular ereaders.

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Microsoft claims 10 million 'fans' help it test Windows 10

Posted on 03/29 14:16 in Shows | 0

When Microsoft was still building Windows 10, it launched the Windows Insider program to push fast and slow updates to customers who were also willing to serve as beta testers.We have had one of these unbelievable experiences with our Windows 10 Insider program.

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Mobs Scaling With Item Level, Sacrifice, Known Issues, Season 3 Live, Blue Posts

Posted on 03/29 07:55 in Shows | 0

Yes, this reflects a deliberate change, but it's also not working exactly as we intended.Power progression is an essential part of the WoW endgame, and the last thing we want is to undermine that.

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Android founder's new smartphone teased, lacks corners and bezel

Posted on 03/28 22:25 in Shows | 0

Anyone who follows Android news knows Andy Rubin as the man who founded Android.The company has been toiling in secret since its inception, but Rubin teased its first phone the other day.

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Razer launches refreshed Blade Pro with THX support, Kaby Lake processors

Posted on 03/28 21:30 in Shows | 0

9GHz base, 3.7GHz base, 3.

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Amazon's cashier-free store breaks when more than 20 people are shopping

Posted on 03/28 17:29 in Shows | 0

The idea behind Amazon Go is that shoppers can simply walk in and scan their phone to begin a virtual cart.The store actually watches people move around the store, and makes a note of everything they pick up or set down.

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Elon Musk wants to implant an AI interface in your brain

Posted on 03/28 16:36 in Shows | 0

Toward that goal, and with a happy side effect of therapeutic benefits for certain brain disorders, Elon Musk has been funding a company called Neuralink that wants to implant an AI interface in your brain.It has to be stressed here that brain implants are not a casual undertaking.

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The House votes today on stripping away your internet privacy

Posted on 03/28 15:23 in Shows | 0

If you care at all about the concept of user privacy, you should call your Congressional representative.In October, 2016 the FCC enacted privacy rules that would require ISPs to use an opt-in process in some cases before it sold consumer data to third parties.

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New advances in directed self-assembly could push silicon below 10nm more efficiently than EUV

Posted on 03/28 13:39 in Shows | 0

It’s a complementary method of printing structures using chemical processes.To understand why LER is a major roadblock, imagine being asked to freehand draw two straight lines one foot apart, with no more than a two-inch deviation from a perfectly straight line.

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Microsoft faces new class-action lawsuit over its Windows 10 upgrade policy

Posted on 03/27 23:21 in Shows | 0

Multiple Illinois residents have sued Microsoft over its Windows 10 upgrade program.The class-action lawsuit against Microsoft claims more than 100 members collectively seeking $5 million in damages excluding cost and interest.

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Intel launches Optane memory for PCs, promises cache acceleration, affordable price points

Posted on 03/27 21:17 in Shows | 0

Last week, Intel announced its new Optane drives meant for server and HPC configurations.An SSD cache drive is designed to cache the most commonly accessed data based on its analysis of the most common drive workloads and capabilities.

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Samsung confirms the Note 7 will return as a refurb device

Posted on 03/27 19:32 in Shows | 0

People liked their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 devices, except for the part where then had a tendency to burst into flames.After weeks of rumors, Samsung now confirms it will bring back the Note 7… sort of.

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