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- Legion Alpha Build - 3/30 Design Notes

Both HD and SD models use the same animation rigs now. We've added a ton of new combat animations in Legion, and it's important that they work for both SD and HD. ( / ) I had a whole post written out but then my computer decided it was going to restart and I lost it all. :'( Let me see if I can come up with all of it again... Suffice it to say, this shouldn't be coming through as news as this was announced prior to the launch of Warlords. This still stands consistent with our viewpoint on how we will be treating such Legendary items such as these going forward (not to say there won't ever be items that work otherwise... but, you get the point). On a personal note, I rather enjoy the consistency of the newer Legendaries. With the older items, in their time, a guild would have to devote all of it's resources behind one player who would be the sole owner of any specific legendary. I think it goes without saying that this led to a tiny fraction of the population ever experiencing the stories around these items in their height. The new Legendaries are the complete opposite of this - they are available to any player who is actively playing the game, and there are no boundaries on obtaining the item that would require such a devotion of resources as older Legendaries did. As the ring will become a permanent point of recognition of all of your character's time and effort in Warlords of Draenor, we want these kind of items to remain as a way to say "I was there!" and to show that you followed along in the content when it was current. In your opinion, why does this add frustration? I appreciate the feedback on the questline containing a ton of the story of Warlords. That's something I will pass on and bring up a conversation about. ( / ) I'm quoting this post because it's just as relevant to the topic of ability pruning as an out-of-context quote from a Twitch chatroom. In the quote from the OP, I was specifically asked about a list of hundreds of abilities that have been removed or reworked since 2004. Yes, I imagine it would take a lot of work to re-add (or un-change) hundreds of abilities, not to mention sorting out the massive balance issues that would result from such a thing. No, that doesn't mean we're ignoring feedback about pruning or that we won't make any changes based on that feedback. which I think is a fairly reasonable assumption. We've been specifically asking for feedback about what abilities you feel are missing and why, and that's because we want to hear it. Often times, our design process involves pulling a bunch of stuff out so that we can directly see what's missing; we do this because, occasionally, there is a better way to provide that same gameplay, it's just hard to see it while the old stuff is still in the way. At any rate, please do continue to provide that feedback, because we're actively discussing it. There's certainly been no mandate that "ability pruning will not be reverted," and even if there had been, we wouldn't be announcing it in a Twitch chatroom. ( / )

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