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And one final bit of clarification.... When we set out to build 36 artifact acquisition experiences and weapon trait trees, we had to figure out the order in which we wanted to tackle that work. We decided to prioritize development of many of the artifact acquisitions inversely to the amount of change that was being planned for a given specialization. We specifically wanted to get specializations like Shadow, Discipline, or Outlaw into players' hands as quickly as possible to get feedback and have more time to iterate on what we knew were very large changes. On the other hand, specializations like Frost mage, Assassination, and Destruction didn't experience any sort of fundamental overhaul, so they felt like safer choices to leave until later in the Alpha cycle. ( / ) ( / / / / ) The next build will contain a number of changes for Blood's talents. ( / ) ( / / / / ) Not an error, just a data change under the hood. Astral Power now correctly tracks fractional values if you're using, for example, Solar Wrath with Blessing of Elune. That sounds like it's likely double-dipping its 50% buff, which is clearly a bug. We'll look into it for next build. This is being hotfixed to alpha. ( / ) ( / / / / ) This is a bug--it's intended that Living Bomb detonates if the target dies. Yes, sorry--intended that it detonates and spreads. ( / ) ( / / / / ) Next build should fix a bug where PoM was bouncing too many times. We are also continuing to help shift the playstyle towards what's intended, by somewhat nerfing Renew and buffing various other core spells. That does in fact include a cost reduction on Serenity and Sanctify--while those already are rather efficient spells, we want to make sure using them always feels like a strong upside in your rotation, not a marginal efficiency gain. All this said, I want to note that, regardless of where tuning lands on spells like Heal and Flash Heal, the pace will not be as fast the instant- or 1.5s-cast-spamming on live. If your habit is still to always push spells at that speed, it's intended that mana is what forces you out of that (in other words, that you can't sustain it). ( / ) The intention of the Schism change was actually to make sure you _could_ use it every other Penance. Because it has a cast time, it's cooldown is effectively slightly longer, so it always didn't sync up at 18 seconds. Nothing is inherently wrong with taking every available non-Atonement-improving talent and varying the playstyle away from the default, modulo correct tuning on the talents. Shadow Covenant is a new mechanic that thus far hadn't gotten much attention in testing, and if the most recent buff turns out to be too strong, that will greatly help narrow down the correct tuning. Perhaps minor, but when looking at Shadow Covenant note that there's a tooltip bug--the absorb was increased in this build along with the heal (the absorb is still 50% of the heal). We're considering making the absorb based on the effective healing done, to be consistent with Shadow Mend. The goal is not to have rotations where you don't use Atonement at all (and this seems unlikely since Penance, Smite, and low-count Plea are still very efficient). If Shadow Covenant feels like it can be spammed heavily in place of a normal rotation, then its cost is too low--but in any case it's good if that spell starts getting explored more on alpha. The change to Shadow Word: Pain was primarily directed at Shadow; separating the durations for Shadow and Disc is an option if it causes problems. Capping the cost of Plea is an option we'll look into. The goal is to have it be an easy and flexible way to apply Atonements when you don't have a lot of them, but not allow it to be an overly efficient way to spread an unlimited number throughout the raid. Once it becomes less efficient than the other options, the cost might not have to increase further--we understand you shouldn't lose a chunk of mana from one accidental cast. On that note, it's possible PW:Radiance is a little too prominent right now compared to Plea. Plea should be the natural way to apply your typical average number of Atonements (along with PW:Shield), with PWR being a more expensive investment to get more than usual. We'll look at the costing if their roles are seeming somewhat reversed. PW:Radiance feeling like the main rotational way to maintain "standard" Atonement count will definitely contribute to the problem of Shadow Covenant feeling like it breaks apart your rotation. Shadow Covenant should be replacing one high-cost AoE heal variant with another, without interrupting the ordinary gameplay. PW:Radiance should already be favoring targets that don't have Atonement on them. Let us know if you're sure you can observe different behavior on alpha, when all targets are players. ( / ) Hey Shadow Priests. Let's talk a bit about utility. Shadow in Legion currently has a ridiculous amount of utility, way more than any other spec. I talked about that in the previous thread, here: The above list also forgot to include[*] the 3rd and 6th rows of PvP talents. As an update on this, we've decided to buff Mind Control baseline (effectively re-adding it to PvP on top of Mind Bomb / Psychic Voice), and remove Psychic Horror instead. That still leaves them with way more utility than anyone else, of course. Then we have the problem of whether they can actually use all that utility. Currently, you mostly can't, because of the Insanity costs, and how much that negatively impacts your offenses. We've decided to give Shadow (and Elemental and Enhancement) back the small mana bar like Balance currently has. Similar to other mana-using hybrid DPS, mana will be used for utility abilities, which should free you up to be able to use them much more than you can in the current build. (EDIT: To clarify, the switch to mana will hopefully make the NEXT build, not today's build.) Keep the feedback on this coming, thanks! * EDIT: I had originally said 'Fade w/ Artifact' here as well. There was, at one point in development, an artifact trait that added damage reduction to Fade, similar to the old glyph, but it has since been changed. Sorry for the mistake. ( / ) ( / / / / ) We are indeed planning to add Icefury to Overload, which will help maintain the value of mastery when you take that talent. In general, the way that spenders benefit from Overload is that the increased Maelstrom generation from your Overloads lets you use them more often. ( / )

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