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Quest text will be given to you via a Talking Head when you start/finish the quest, and are tied to the zone's quest story. () Both, more the latter than the former as bars tend to not tell as interesting stories as doing individual things. () it's definitely one of those things that could be super contentious/not fun, we think it's improved, please give us feedback! () Thanks - "red-on-red-on-red" concerns are definitely something that's on the radar. () I have! Fun thread. () 1-20 () Both. During pre-launch, it kicks off the Legion invasions. Post-launch, it sets the story for heading to new Dalaran. () .Most of them are open FFA arenas, sometimes involving riding a goat. Embrace the world PvP! () Both PvEvP (PvE that flags you) and full PvP objectives will be available. Both grant honor. () This is an attempt at "PvEvP," similar to assaulting an NPC-controlled Wintergrasp tower. () We will be monitoring feedback closely! () Yes (there is currently no PvP reputation). ()

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