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Your understanding is correct. They will be disabled in all PvP instances, including unrated battlegrounds. ( / ) Skull Rare Elite WQs are Dungeon World Quests, requiring a dungeon group. Sounds like this iconography isn't particularly self-explanatory though, will pass that along to the UI guys. ( / ) The primary source of Order Hall Resources is doing quests. We'll be laying out the details of Legion's endgame structure as we get closer to release - it feels premature to publish a blog on the subject while we're still iterating on exactly how all the pieces fit together, as well as tuning. But Legion has at least as much max-level outdoor content as Mists of Pandaria did, except with a different structure (world quests complemented by one-time story moments) that lets us offer more player choice and day-to-day variation, to avoid some of the pitfalls of Mists, where we heard player feedback about repetition and burnout. As for the subject of the thread, yeah, as Muffinus noted above, this is one of many different perks that you can unlock (or not), and is intended to offer a small time-saving convenience. If anything, it may end up being undesirable because of its limitations, and we wouldn't be willing to buff it to the point where it'd be truly "strong" because that would cut directly against the value, expressed many times here in this discussion, of actually going out and adventuring. We'll see how it plays out in further testing. ( / ) We are very excited about the upcoming release of the Warcraft film and will be sharing additional details globally over the coming weeks. ( / ) ( / / / / ) Tuning is still early and right now is drifting around a lot, as unrelated changes happen without necessarily being compensated for in terms of tuning. Looks like H Pal DPS is somewhat lower than other healers in this build (possibly largely due to the loss of Holy Bolt); we'll bring it up next build so it's in the ballpark before more detailed tuning happens. ( / )

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