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Google I/O 2016 live blog: Android N, mobile VR, and new Nexus smartphones?

Today at 1pm ET (10am PT), Google’s I/O conference kicks off with a two-hour keynote presentation. We’ll be live blogging the whole thing, so make sure to check back here when the keynote begins. Alternately, the event itself will be live streamed in full 360 degrees in the video embedded below, so you can watch along in your browser or in VR with Google Cardboard.

Back in March, Google released an early developer preview of the next version of Android. At this point, we’re used to getting our first hands-on experience at I/O, but we already know much of what to expect from the upcoming OS update.

Of course, that doesn’t completely rule out the possibility of some surprise additions. Google might roll out a new build today loaded with exciting new features, but don’t get your hopes up. Still, the new “N” name might get revealed early. Nougat? Necco? Nilla?

As far as hardware goes, there are a couple of things to keep an eye on. There’s a good chance that we’ll get to see an in-depth Project Tango demo, but there’s also supposedly two new Nexus smartphones launching thanks to a partnership with HTC.

If the rumor mill is to be believed, some big news about virtual reality is coming too. Considering how muted the reception was to the high-end headsets earlier this year, a portable low-cost solution from Google could be big news. If this “Android VR” delivers an affordable Gear VR-like experience for people without Samsung phones, it has the potential to bring along a massive user base. If Tango is involved somehow, all the better.

There hasn’t been much love for tablets or smartwatches lately, but it wouldn’t be entirely surprising to see some updates here and there. And as for Chromebook and Chrome OS news, it seems like a coin toss at this point. Maybe some new reference devices? It’d certainly be nice, but I won’t hold my breath.

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