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- Durotan Featurette, Duncan Jones Interview, Movie Soundtrack, Fury Warrior Preview

This is a bug. You should always be able to select a talent if you have none currently chosen for a given row. In today's build, players may notice a new Inscription recipe for a single-player consumable, , that can be consumed to allow an individual player to freely swap talents for a period of time. The materials needed to craft a Tome are vastly lower than those needed to craft the group-oriented , which remains as a solution for larger raid groups or guild banks that want to centralize the process, similar to the relationship between Feasts and individual food. ( / ) Yes, the build contains thousands of bug fixes. Unfortunately there is one new one that is causing the disconnects you guys are experiencing. We are working to have it resolved soon™ so you can stay in-game long enough to experience other new bugs and report them too! ( / ) This build does have a 750ms minimum GCD in all cases. This is something we're trying out provisionally to see how it works on beta. ( / ) ( / / / / ) The 'nerf' to Death Strike was mostly a misnomer. Bone Shield is an absorb now, so counts towards Death Strike. It also effectively stacks additively with self-healing from other sources, which there are much more of now, such as from the artifact. ( / ) ( / / / / ) Soul Harvest will also increase pet damage (just not in today's build). ( / )

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