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Do you have Transmog items you’ve been holding onto for a very long time? Are you a Hunter, Shaman, Warrior or Paladin? In order to streamline leveling we made a change to armor proficiencies: Hunters and Shaman can now equip Mail armor from level 1 (down from level 40). Warriors and Paladins can now equip Plate armor from level 1 (down from level 40). In order to facilitate this we’ve also changed some lower level items from Leather to Mail, and some Mail Items to Plate, to match their intended class at those levels. Example: Pre-Legion: A Level 30 Mail Chestpiece drops from a dungeon that has Strength on it (intended for Paladins or Warriors) Legion: That same Chestpiece would be plate, since Warriors and Paladins use Plate starting at level 1. While we think this change is positive for the game and for new characters, this could lead to some appearances being un-transmoggable for these classes. We’d like some help in identifying changed items that were once Leather or Mail, and there are no other items with a similar appearance or color shift for their original armor type. We’re also looking for items that can no longer be obtained in Legion, but have a unique appearance that cannot be found anywhere else in the game. Basically, if an item you have has been converted to another armor type and there’s no other item like it, let us know below. Even if it’s not a bug, we’ll see if it’s something we can add in the future. At the moment, no, you'll still be at level 100. is there anything specific that you wouldn't be able to test at 100? Agreed that this testing would be helped by Character Copy from live. I was just curious if I was missing something that would be easier with enabling level 1 character creation again. ( / ) As you may have seen in-game, the new Transmogrification Collection (the appearance tab) displays appearances not only for items/appearances you already own, but also all of the ones you haven’t collected yet. However, if you haven’t collected an item, and it can no longer be obtained (such as rewards from quests that have been removed, or limited time items), it shouldn’t show up in the window, since you’d never able to “fill in” that spot in the collection. That said, there’s a lot of items in WoW, and we could use your help making sure we got things right! If you happen to notice an item in the Appearance Collection tab that players can no longer obtain, let us know by posting below. Specific item names or links to database sites are preferred. Basically, if an unobtainable item is displayed in the collection window and you don’t have it already, it’s a bug, and we need to know what that item is in order to be able to fix it. (Note that if you have an item, it should be displayed in the Appearances collection even if it’s no longer obtainable.) Actually some of this testing is really only doable *without* character copies. If you copy over your priest who had a lot of unobtainable items, they'd show up in the appearance tab, which is fine because you already have them. But if those same items showed up for somebody else, who didn't have them, that would be a bug. We've caught a lot of those but there's undoubtedly more out there. For the purposes of this testing, you'd need to test that gear like that *doesn't* show up before your copy comes over. Because once you've copied that stuff is stored on your Beta account forever, even if you delete the copied character. I mean there's definitely value in making sure that items such as your old T3 work properly in the new system, I totally get that. This is just us pointing out testing that could be done today, even without character copy. ( / )

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