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Hey guys! Just want to correct the basis for this discussion. Currently, what's going on with the ilvl for gear from rated PvP in Legion is: it's decided dynamically when it's rewarded to you, and that decision is based on your rating. So while the lowest version of an item may be 870, it will have its ilvl increased to 880, 890, or 900 -- based on your rating. ( / ) ( / / / / ) Thanks for all the feedback. To revisit something that we touched on back at Blizzcon, but perhaps haven't talked about since then: Discipline is the most complex healer to play in 7.0 by a wide margin, and is possibly the most advanced core rotation of any spec. We know this and are generally okay with it, even though we still want to manage it within reason. It is to some extent inevitable due to the mixture of DPS- and heal-type targeting that Disc has to frequently swap between, something that no other spec asks of you outside of specific talents. Also, Disc is intentionally positioned against Holy, which is one of the more accessible healers in 7.0. Feedback from all players is still very useful for looking at potential skill-floor issues, but 7.0 Discipline is intended to be something you opt into if you are seeking out the mixed DPS/heal gameplay that it's built around. ( / )

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