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- Legion Beta - Build 22018

3 updates for you in this build, and the next.

We believe that all Mail Bind on Eqiup items that differ from live servers (i.e. were changed to plate) have been reverted to Mail to avoid breaking existing transmogs that relied on these items. Please let us know if we missed any - use wowhead to check the status of current items if you are unsure.

Racial restrictions that were added which differ from live (Very Lite Sabre, etc.) are removed in this build. When we audited these items, we discovered some items that we feel should have converted to faction-specific items that were not doing so: the primary source of these are the level 50 quest helms. These items have been changed so they will always match your faction, granting you credit for both appearances but ensuring you aren't transmogging to the Helm of the Horde on your Alliance character. This is consistent with other items that are strongly faction associated. If you encounter further items that differ from live in this manner, please let us know.

In addition, this build should contain back-credit fixes for Rhok, Quel'delar (granting ALL variants), and the Warcraft movie items. The next build will contain fixes for Griftah's, Benediction, and will also back-credit the T0.0 dungeon items if you completed the quests for the T0.5 quests.

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