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- Marksmanship, Survival, Unholy Spell Animations, 7.0.3 Launch Tuning Hotfixes

Greetings. Over the last day or two, we've applied a multitude of changes for tuning prior to 7.0.3 launch. Usually during betas, the community largely determines changes through datamining and comparing what changed between builds. But with hotfixes, that's much harder. Once we launch, we'll follow our normal procedures of posting hotfix notes, but for this last round of tuning before launch, I've listed what changed below. Note that this is the tuning we're doing for 7.0.3 launch, but we will of course adjust after launch if needed. The goal is for all classes and specs to be viable, so if any prove not to be, rest assured that we will continue iterating. Just posted one correction: I accidentally reported this change wrong. Elemental's Mastery wasn't changed, but rather the talent "Elemental Mastery" was. Apologies for the mix-up there.

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