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- Dalaran Relocation, Invasion XP Fixes, Content Drought, Blue Posts, Bastion Short

No content Drought at the end of Legion? I don't believe you. You can say it won't happen but we've had that happen what.... 3 times? Actions speak louder then words guys.
Actions do, indeed, speak louder than words. I think we all realize that this is a fact and that winning the trust of the community takes more than what some may see as just words.

As Watcher discussed yesterday (in case you missed it), there was a period where our main focus was faster expansions, and in pursuit of that goal we sacrificed things that ended up making the experience worse for everyone.

We are now focusing on a steady stream of content, and we are making sure to keep our story going alone and filling the time between new expansions. We really hope that you guys see this difference in Legion, and our goal is to avoid situations where we don't have significant content for 14 months.

Not to sound like a cynic or anything, but we've literally heard the exact same thing at the end of every expansion since Wrath.

"Well, I know this expansion's content drought sucked, but next time we'll do better!"

Followed by usually around a year of zero new content. I dont know what it is you guys are doing with the content development, but you've been doing it wrong for the past four expansions and I dont see any reason why we should believe Legion will be any different.
And not to attack this sentiment (I know where you are coming from), but since TBC/WotLK, we've actively stated our goal was to get the length between expansions down to one-a-year as our way of combating a lack of content. This goal, we've realized, is what has created a lot of problems as we were turning all of our focus away from the current expansion and moving on to the next a bit prematurely.

This is no longer the goal.

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