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PlayStation Meeting liveblog: PS4K, PS4 Slim, and PSVR

We’re only two and a half months away from Black Friday, and Sony is gearing up for the holiday season in a major way. At today’s PlayStation meeting, Sony is likely to show off three upcoming products: The slim redesign of the PlayStation 4, the more powerful PlayStation 4K (AKA PlayStation Neo), and the PlayStation VR headset. The event starts at 3PM ET (12pm PT), so join us here as we liveblog the entire announcement.

The PS4 Slim was discovered a few weeks back, so we might know everything there is to know about this slightly smaller console. It’s likely cheaper, uses physical buttons instead of capacitive buttons, and is missing the optical audio port. Otherwise, it seems to be pretty much the same as the current PS4. And because it’s been found in the wild, there’s a decent chance it will launch very soon.

As for the PS4K, this event seems like the most logical place for Sony to finally show it off. A PlayStation executive explicitly confirmed that this new console is in the works earlier this year, but the company has mostly kept quiet despite some rather bold announcements from Microsoft.

On the VR front, time is running out for Sony to make a case for PSVR. It launches on October 13th, and it could possibly suffer by launching alongside new console hardware. Sony needs to get out in front of this, and message loudly that the PSVR works with the 40+ million existing PS4s.

As far as software goes, it’s safe to assume we’ll get a few decent announcements. BioWare seems to be ready to talk about a new game, and Sony will probably want to discuss the upcoming demos and releases aimed for the PSVR’s launch window. Still, I’d expect this event to focus on the new hardware more than anything else.

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