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The 5 Best PlayStation 4 Exclusive Games Right Now

From Software’s delightfully toilsome beat-em-up shifts gears to a Lovecraftian setting with whips and guns. Instead of Dark Souls‘ forlorn high fantasy zones, you prowl macabre coffin-choked streets, observing gothic tableaus framed by cathedral-esque structures with stained glass windows and knuckled spires, as a fat, apocalyptic star looms over the landscape like something out of a Jack Vance yarn.

Buy this game if… You don’t mind making slow progress in a game, and enjoy puzzling out enemy behavior or battling area boss creatures repeatedly to suss out winning strategies.

Steer clear if… Dying often and sometimes losing hours of work isn’t your thing.

What the critics said: “…a game about pushing the proverbial ball up something more like a mountain, millimeter by grueling millimeter, looking for meaningful perspective on your progress. From Software’s great triumph as a studio—and Bloodborne epitomizes this—is in making that feel like something you want to do, not that you have to.” (TIME)

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