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The 5 Best PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Games To Buy Right Now

In Rockstar’s sandbox crime spree opus, you can explore — bear with me here — a state park, oil fields, a penitentiary, an ocean highway, a mountain observatory, a power station, a lumber yard, a national office of security enforcement, a lighthouse, a carnival boardwalk, a fort, a scrapyard, parks, cable cars, trails, tunnels, vineyards, golf clubs, bowling alleys, truck stops, islands, off-road racetracks, strip clubs, wind turbines, scenic drives and views, and the sprawling city of Los Santos itself, occupying a fraction of the map. You’ve never seen a game world as thoroughly realized.

Buy this game if… You’re up for a withering satire of contemporary culture and politics that’s far subtler and subversive than it’s often given credit for. (Buy here: PlayStation 4, Xbox One)

What the critics said: “…as irresistible to play as it is to admire, a super-sized version of the already super-sized Grand Theft Auto IV with the best parts intact and all the impurities leeched out … the most refined game Rockstar’s ever published.” (TIME)

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