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WoW Chronicle Volume 2, Legendary Drop Rates, Dev Q&A, XP and Vista Support Dropped

Posted on 02/18 01:14 in Shows | 0

The rate at which players acquire Legendary items is a subject that we’ve kept a very close eye on since the launch of Legion.As many players have figured out, changes were made to legendary drop rates with patch 7.

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Thermaltake debuts new PCIe 3.0 extender, lets you show off your GPU in style

Posted on 02/17 23:51 in Shows | 0

Thermaltake wants to change that by giving you more room to showcase components — and it’s built a PCI Express cable extender to do it.The new cable will be available in three lengths — 300mm, 600mm, and 1000mm (that’s 11.

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Is texting to blame for 2016's increase in vehicular deaths?

Posted on 02/17 20:15 in Shows | 0

Texting and other smartphone apps are cited frequently by safety officials for the increase.In raw data, National Safety Council data shows an increase of 6% in 2016 over 2015.

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Project Loon uses machine learning to make internet balloons 'dance on the wind'

Posted on 02/17 19:21 in Shows | 0

The aptly named Project Loon started as a “moonshot” experiment at Google’s X division in 2011.The goal was to provide wireless internet access to remote areas with high-altitude balloons, which does indeed sound loony.

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This week in space: Pluto, Europa, and 96 Planet nanosats

Posted on 02/17 17:34 in Shows | 0

India just set a world record by sending 104 satellites into space in a single launch.” Counting the 96 new ones, that brings Planet’s constellation to 149, which is also a world record.

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Google gives everyone machine learning superpowers with TensorFlow 1.0

Posted on 02/17 16:38 in Shows | 0

That began to change with the release of a number of open-source machine learning frameworks like Theano, Spark ML, Microsoft’s CNTK, and Google’s TensorFlow.With this week’s release of TensorFlow 1.

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Sony kills PlayStation Now support on Vita, PS3, Bravia, and Blu-ray players

Posted on 02/17 15:44 in Shows | 0

Back in 2014, Sony debuted a new, Netflix-like game streaming service dubbed PlayStation Now.The service was expensive, at $20 per month or $45 per three months, but it supported a wide range of hardware including televisions, Blu-ray players, the PlayStation 3, the PlayStation TV, the PlayStation Vita, all 2013 – 2015 Bravia TVs, and all Samsung television models.

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Bipartisan bill would force police to get warrants before using Stingray cell tracker

Posted on 02/17 13:56 in Shows | 0

A rare alliance of Democratic and Republican members of the US Congress could lead to increased restrictions on how police officers can deploy so-called Stingray cell phone trackers.This bill would force police to get warrants before using Stingrays.

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Shaman Mount, Feb 16 Hotfixes, 7.2 Notes Update, Blue Posts, Upcoming Raid Testing

Posted on 02/17 00:43 in Shows | 0

Return to the front lines of the Burning Legion’s invasion in this new Scenario.Join in a new region-wide, cross-faction effort to construct buildings to fight against the Legion’s stronghold.

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Google Fiber is slashing employees, preparing to deploy wireless access points instead of fiber optics

Posted on 02/16 23:31 in Shows | 0

Over the past year, it’s become increasingly clear that Alphabet, Google’s new parent company that runs the Access division responsible for deploying Google Fiber, hasn’t been thrilled with that segment’s performance or cost structure.Now, word is that Access employees are being reassigned or terminated, while plans to expand Google Fiber beyond its current markets are being substantially overhauled.

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Ivy League astronomers take exoplanet hunting open-source

Posted on 02/16 22:36 in Shows | 0

To demonstrate the utility of the data set, they used it to find more than 100 exoplanets, all within 100 parsecs of us.There’s even one orbiting a near neighboring star to our own Solar System, GJ 411, which lies about 8.

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ET deals roundup: Save big on a Dell XPS tower, VPN services, and more for Presidents' Day

Posted on 02/16 22:36 in Shows | 0

Courtesy of our partners at TechBargains… Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Intel Core i7-6700HQ quad-core 1080p 15.See Dell’s entire Presidents’ Day sale with doorbuster and more Nucleus Anywhere video intercom with Amazon Alexa for $149 (List price: $249).

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Tesla driver saves unconscious man trapped in out-of-control vehicle

Posted on 02/16 21:43 in Shows | 0

On Monday, Manfred Kick was driving his Tesla Model S on the Autobahn, not far from Munich.While behind the wheel, Kick noticed that a man driving a Volkswagen Passat in the left lane had fallen unconscious.

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Google's DeepMind survival sim shows how AI can become hostile or cooperative

Posted on 02/16 20:48 in Shows | 0

Google’s DeepMind AI firm pitted a pair of neural networks against each other in two different survival scenarios.In the fruit-gathering scenario, the two AIs (indicated by red and blue squares) move across a grid in order to pick up green “fruit” squares.

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Artifact Power and Patch 7.2

Posted on 02/16 20:31 in Shows | 0

In crafting the systems that delivered Artifact Power, we weighed the merits of hard caps versus a smoother system of diminishing returns.Now, where things went wrong…We feel that we made two major missteps with the Artifact Power system that increasingly manifested themselves as we got deeper into Patch 7.

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Scientists find incredibly high levels of pollution in the Mariana Trench, including low-sodium Spam

Posted on 02/16 19:55 in Shows | 0

Yep, that’s a can of luncheon meat from 2001, at 5 km down on the slopes of the Mariana Trench.A recent submarine expedition to the deepest reaches of the ocean uncovered such sublime traces of human influence as flame retardant chemicals and other persistent organic pollutants (POPs), like PCBs, Budweiser, and low-sodium Spam.

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ET deals: Save 89% on the big data mastery with Hadoop bundle

Posted on 02/16 19:55 in Shows | 0

Today, StackSocial is offering up eight online courses for one low price that aim to help you whip your data into shape with Hadoop.With this bundle, you’ll get the following: All together, you’ll end up with 44 hours worth of video instruction spread out over more than 280 individual lessons.

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IBM is bringing machine learning to a mainframe near you

Posted on 02/16 17:11 in Shows | 0

Modern machine learning — often just referred to as “AI” — has largely been the province of specially trained computer scientists who traffic in exotic modeling frameworks and graduate level math.First, by providing a simplified experience for data modeling and model deployment, it aims to bring those tasks within reach of domain experts already employed by enterprise customers.

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Microsoft will unveil Scorpio on June 11: Here's what we'd like to see

Posted on 02/16 15:23 in Shows | 0

The Xbox One was a multimedia system where you could watch TV and game (despite lacking a DVR).The PS4 / PS4 Pro have outsold the Xbox One by nearly 2:1 (an estimated 28.

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HTC announces another big loss, plans to ditch cheap phones

Posted on 02/16 13:34 in Shows | 0

After lagging sales and a loss of direction, HTC says it’s going to drop the cheap phones from its 2017 lineup.In the final quarter of last year, HTC took in NT$22.

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