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Here's a Great Reason to Dust Off Your Wii U

Posted on 01/19 16:30 in Shows | 0

Well then I’ve got great news for you.The classic Nintendo space shooter is doing a barrel roll onto the Wii U virtual console this week, the company says.

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2018 Mustang: digital dash, 10-speed automatic, turbo four kills the V6

Posted on 01/19 16:16 in Shows | 0

The 2018 Mustang gets major technology enhancements as part of Ford’s mid-life refresh.The 2018 V8 will be more powerful than the current one.

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Sony's silence on PlayStation VR could spell trouble for the fledgling market

Posted on 01/19 15:21 in Shows | 0

A few months ago, Sony launched the PlayStation VR after several years of work.Next, there’s early evidence that the PSVR’s sales figures may not have been to the company’s liking.

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China, already dominant in supercomputers, shoots for an exascale prototype in 2017

Posted on 01/19 14:27 in Shows | 0

Back in June, China debuted the world’s fastest supercomputer, the Sunway TaihuLight (pictured), with a Linpack benchmark result of 93 petaflop/s.Now China is working on a prototype exascale (1,000-petaflop) system that it aims to complete by the end of this year, according to state media.

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Mozilla's new logo is 20 years out of date, does nothing to address why people don't use Firefox

Posted on 01/19 13:33 in Shows | 0

Yesterday, Mozilla, the nonprofit organization behind Firefox, announced its new “brand experience” and visual guidelines.I respect that Mozilla wanted a logo that was easy for people to mash up and use.

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Meet Nintendo's First 'Fire Emblem' for Smartphones

Posted on 01/19 00:10 in Shows | 0

During a special video presentation Wednesday afternoon, Nintendo unveiled its third game for smartphones, a tactical roleplaying game staged in its medieval fantasy fueled Fire Emblem series.(For those unfamiliar with Fire Emblem, it’s basically chess meets toy soldiers, each soldier sporting special abilities and positioned to fight on smallish boards with terrain tiles that impact how well they can move and fight.

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Nintendo confirms the Switch won't run Zelda: Breath of the Wild at 1080p

Posted on 01/18 23:07 in Shows | 0

Looking at the Switch, I suspect what we’ll see from Breath of the Wild will represent the best-case optimization for the Switch.During the Wii U run-up, in contrast, Nintendo was eager to talk about its customization and the design of the platform.

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NASA and NOAA confirm 2016 was the warmest year on record

Posted on 01/18 22:12 in Shows | 0

This is the conclusion arrived at by both NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).Yes, last year… and the year before that.

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AT&T shuts down 2G network, ending support for original iPhone

Posted on 01/18 19:32 in Shows | 0

However, this move is a dagger to the heart of some devices — for example, the original iPhone from 2007.There were a number of compromises necessary with the original iPhone to make it a viable smartphone.

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What is the Fermi Paradox?

Posted on 01/18 19:32 in Shows | 0

The so-called Fermi Paradox comes up whenever we talk about the search for life outside our solar system, but what does the Fermi Paradox say about our place in the universe?It includes factors for the number of stars, the probability of habitable planet formation, the development of intelligent life, and so on.

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ET deals: Get a VPN Unlimited lifetime subscription for 94% off

Posted on 01/18 18:37 in Shows | 0

Businesses, governments, and malicious individuals are more than happy to gather as much information about your browsing habits as possible.And for a limited time, you can save hundreds on a subscription to VPN Unlimited.

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Why can't Microsoft get Windows 10 updates right?

Posted on 01/18 17:43 in Shows | 0

No single OS feature touches more users than Windows Update.It’s easy to blame the problems with Update on the massive variety of hardware, and decades of legacy software, that Microsoft feels compelled to support in Windows.

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Hands on with BMW's self-driving 5 Series

Posted on 01/18 17:43 in Shows | 0

And BMW actively plans to make the most of the free time afforded the drivers as well as the passengers.This self-driving BMW employed existing technology to show what’s possible even today.

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Analyst: Apple will offer Kaby Lake MacBook Pros with 32GB RAM this year, but battery life could take a hit

Posted on 01/18 16:48 in Shows | 0

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo with KGI Securities is predicting that Apple will refresh the MacBook Pro this year, with both Kaby Lake processors and a substantial RAM upgrade.It reports that upgrading to Kaby Lake and adding more RAM “could potentially address one criticism some had of the new MacBook Pros: their not-much-improved battery life.

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FTC sues Qualcomm over chip licensing strategy, alleges antitrust abuses

Posted on 01/18 15:56 in Shows | 0

In its brief, the FTC argues that Qualcomm used its position to extort higher royalties from smartphone manufacturers.The FTC asserts that Qualcomm enforces a “No license, no chips,” policy in which it will not sell parts to a cell phone manufacturer unless the manufacturer agrees to its patent and licensing terms.

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Now we know what Microsoft's upcoming 'Game Mode' for Windows 10 will do

Posted on 01/18 14:08 in Shows | 0

A few weeks ago, sharp-eyed users spotted something new in a Windows 10 Insider Preview build — reference to a new “Game Mode.But a new investigation suggests the new feature won’t make much difference for the vast majority of Windows 10 gamers.

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Eugene Cernan, the last man to walk on the moon, has passed away

Posted on 01/17 23:44 in Shows | 0

Yesterday, on Martin Luther King Day, the last man to set foot on the moon passed away.In addition to being the last man to walk on the moon, Cernan has the distinction of being one of only three people to travel to the moon twice.

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The F-35 program is once again in trouble, with full flight tests delayed until at least 2018

Posted on 01/17 21:56 in Shows | 0

The Pentagon has released its end-of-year progress report on the F-35, and once again, the news isn’t very good.” The Joint Strike Fighter (F-35) has been in SDD since 2001 and was expected to complete that process this year.

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Microsoft warns Windows 7 is dangerously insecure in 2017

Posted on 01/17 20:07 in Shows | 0

Although, Microsoft says the public patches might not be enough to keep Windows 7 safe anyway.Markus Nitschke, the head of Windows at Microsoft Germany posted a rundown of the situation on Microsoft’s Technet site.

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A pirated World of Warcraft legacy server project takes a turn for the bizarre

Posted on 01/17 17:33 in Shows | 0

Over the last nine months, we’ve discussed the fate of the legacy server Nostalrius.But the Nostalrius’ story was big enough that Blizzard agreed to meet the team in question, inviting them to company HQ and discussing the possibility of a legacy server project.

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