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Rumor: Intel Will Launch Coffee Lake, Basin Falls Earlier Than Expected

Posted on 04/20 23:33 in Shows | 0

Meanwhile, Intel will reportedly launch its Coffee Lake refresh in August of this year rather than waiting until January 2018.The current 6xxx HEDT chips are built on Broadwell and support the older X99 chipset, which first debuted in 2014.

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Unofficial Patch Unblocks Windows 7 and 8.1 Updates for Kaby Lake and Ryzen

Posted on 04/20 20:50 in Shows | 0

It should be hard for Microsoft to make any more mistakes with its Windows 10 push, but it keeps finding new ways.After nagging everyone incessantly about upgrading, updating computers without asking, and making Windows 10 patches mandatory, Microsoft has started disallowing Windows 7 and 8.

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Researchers Wring Clean Water From the Desert Air

Posted on 04/20 19:54 in Shows | 0

Cacti that live there evolved fine fibers to catch droplets out of the fog banks that roll off the ocean.Mimicking them, we devised the finest of nets, to catch droplets from fog banks and wick them into a reservoir.

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Newly Discovered Earth-Like Planet May Have the Right Conditions for Life

Posted on 04/20 18:07 in Shows | 0

With every new exoplanet discovery, we seem to get that much closer to finding evidence of extraterrestrial life.A new exoplanet identified in orbit of a nearby star could be the best place to look yet.

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ET deals: 96% off the ethical hacking A to Z bundle

Posted on 04/20 18:07 in Shows | 0

IT security and white hat hacking are more important than they’ve ever been.So if you’re ready to start a career in ethical hacking, today’s bundle of online courses is a good place to start.

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Top Cars of the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show

Posted on 04/20 16:22 in Shows | 0

The Shanghai auto show is a good look at where the car world is headed: small, space-efficient, energy-efficient, electrified or plug-in — plus honking big SUVs for the elite who can afford the taxes.Here are the most significant cars of Auto Shanghai 2017, which runs (public days) April 21-28.

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Flashing your RX 480 GPU to an RX 580 BIOS is a really bad idea

Posted on 04/20 16:22 in Shows | 0

According to Overclock3D, some users are flashing their older RX 480s with an updated RX 580 BIOS and discovering that this can work as well.There are two major problems with flashing an RX 480 to behave like an RX 580.

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Investors backing Juicero and its $400, DRM-laden juicer surprised to discover they were fleeced

Posted on 04/20 14:14 in Shows | 0

Americans already like juice — so why not sell them a $400, Internet-connected, DRMed juicer that only accepted ridiculously overpriced “juice packs?Extremely rich people driving cars with house-sized price tags thought a $700 juicer (it’s since come down to $400) with DRM and Internet connectivity deserved $70 million in funding last year.

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Mage Tower Up, Patch 7.2 Hotfixes - April 19, Tank Artifact Challenge Nerfs

Posted on 04/20 02:45 in Shows | 0

BlizzardBlue TrackerOfficial ForumsOriginally Posted by ( / ) Artifact ChallengeThe difficulty of the Tank Artifact Challenge at the Mage Tower has been adjusted: Highlord Kruul’s health reduced by 10%.Inquisitor Variss health reduced by 10%.

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Bose accused of spying on end users, data mining their private records via headphone app

Posted on 04/19 23:12 in Shows | 0

According to plaintiff Kyle Zak, the spying began when Bose released a mandatory Bose Connect application that all users must install to “fully operate its wireless products.” What Bose didn’t draw much attention to, according to the suit, is that Bose Connect collects data on all the musical content or audio books that you listen to on its headphones.

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ET deals: 55-inch Vizio P55-C1 4K display for $1000 with $300 bonus gift card

Posted on 04/19 19:59 in Shows | 0

Today, Dell is selling the 55-inch Vizio P55-C1 UHD home theater display at a 23% discount.Normally, this UHD display sells for upwards of 1300 bucks, but Dell is offering up a $300 discount right off the top.

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Nintendo reportedly working on SNES Classic Edition console

Posted on 04/19 19:33 in Shows | 0

A new report from Eurogamer claims discontinuing the NES Classic Edition was done with the intention of replacing it.The company is allegedly working on a “SNES Classic Edition.

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Governing body declares: No IP addresses for governments that shut down internet access

Posted on 04/19 17:16 in Shows | 0

But certain regimes, when faced with political dissidents, protests, or even students possibly cheating on their exams, have taken to shutting down internet access.Now a governing body has declared that there should be no IP addresses awarded to governments that cut off internet access to their citizens.

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New version of Google Earth goes live with guided tours and 3D maps

Posted on 04/19 15:27 in Shows | 0

Now, the product is getting its first major update since 2012 with staggeringly cool 3D maps, guided tours, and a whole lot more.Simply head over to the new and improved Earth web interface.

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Report: Apple prepping three iPhones for launch, including major 10th Anniversary iPhone

Posted on 04/19 13:37 in Shows | 0

Ever since the iPhone 7 debuted, there’s been talk about what might be ahead for Apple in 2017.Rumors have been buzzing about what Apple might offer in a 10th Anniversary device, from curved screens to OLED displays.

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Patch 7.2.5 PTR - Build 23958

Posted on 04/18 23:58 in Shows | 0

Holy, Shadow: Launches a volley of holy light at the target, causing [ 570% of Spell Power ] Holy damage over 2 sec.Holy, Shadow: Launches a volley of holy light at the target, causing [ 570% of Spell Power ] Holy damage over 2 sec.

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AMD refreshes its budget, midrange cards with the RX 560 and RX 570, launches new Polaris 12-based RX 550

Posted on 04/18 23:02 in Shows | 0

While our review focuses on the RX 580, AMD is also shipping new SKUs for the RX 460 and 470, as well as a new part, the RX 550.The RX 560 and RX 570 are both iterative improvements of the RX 460 and RX 470 GPUs AMD launched nearly a year ago.

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Breaching the Tomb, Short Story - Dark Mirror, Gravity Lapse Brawl, Withered J'im

Posted on 04/18 22:47 in Shows | 0

This service has demanded great sacrifice—and difficult choices.His unlife has been measured out in many conquests as champion of the Forsaken, but the burden of his duty to the Dark Lady has taken a toll upon his ever-decaying body.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 owners claim phone ships with a red-tinted display

Posted on 04/18 21:30 in Shows | 0

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ have finally launched in select markets after a seemingly endless string of leaks.A number of users have reported a markedly red tint to the display on Samsung’s latest phone.

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NASA photographs huge new fissure opening in Greenland glacier

Posted on 04/18 19:38 in Shows | 0

Scientists recently detected a new crack forming in one of the world’s largest glaciers, the Petermann Glacier in Greenland.Now, NASA has captured the first aerial images of the fissure, and the news isn’t good.

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