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Real-life tricorders are here 230 years early, courtesy of the Tricorder XPrize

Posted on 04/18 17:48 in Shows | 0

In the far future, tricorders are invented and humanity spends many centuries prospering due in part to their widespread adoption.Tricorders are coming to the mass market, courtesy of the just-awarded Tricorder XPrize.

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How to improve your Wi-Fi range and reception at home

Posted on 04/18 16:35 in Shows | 0

The ubiquity and low cost of Wi-Fi has freed us all from the tyranny of Ethernet cables, but Wi-Fi still isn’t as foolproof as a cable.Sometimes your Wi-Fi can drop out, get slow, or just plain not work in certain areas of the house.

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AMD's RX 580 reviewed: AMD takes the fight to the GTX 1060, with mixed results

Posted on 04/18 15:26 in Shows | 0

We’ll cover the other announcements, like the RX 550, RX 560, and RX 570 in a separate post.In this review, we’re diving into the RX 580 and how it performs relative to 2016’s RX 480 and the GTX 1060.

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Congressman defends voting to repeal ISP privacy rules because 'nobody's got to use the internet'

Posted on 04/18 13:48 in Shows | 0

Congress and the President, historically, don’t have the best grasp of how the internet works or ought to be managed.When challenged on this claim by someone who correctly understood that Facebook and your ISP have very different levels of access to your personal data, Sensenbrenner said the following: You know, again, nobody’s got to use the internet.

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Flying Progress Tool, Noblegarden 2017, April 17 Hotfixes, GCD Tournament, Heroes 2.0

Posted on 04/18 08:12 in Shows | 0

If you are still working on or , our new tool can show you what you still need to complete!has returned to Azeroth, bringing and all of the old goodies from previous years.

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New 'Perceptual Ad Blocker' may be impossible for websites to defeat

Posted on 04/17 22:29 in Shows | 0

They call it the “Perceptual Ad Blocker.If you want to take Perceptual Ad Blocker for a spin, you can do so with a Chrome extension.

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It's the end of an era as Intel cancels its Intel Developer Forum, effective immediately

Posted on 04/17 20:42 in Shows | 0

Twenty years ago, Intel began holding an event it referred to as the Intel Developer Forum.A short message posted to the IDF 2017 board states: Intel has evolved its event portfolio and decided to retire the IDF program moving forward.

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ET deals: Save 97% on the CompTIA core certification bundle

Posted on 04/17 20:42 in Shows | 0

And if you’re looking to streamline the process, you’re going to want some study guides to help you focus on the most important info.Thankfully, the folks at StackSocial are offering a massive discount on three CompTIA guides for a limited time.

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Scientists discover that the atmosphere of Mars is full of metal

Posted on 04/17 19:48 in Shows | 0

There’s metal throughout the atmosphere of Mars, and this is the first time we’ve seen that on any planet other than Earth.As we’ve previously discussed, Mars’ magnetic field doesn’t exist anymore, at least not at global scale.

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picks: the best gaming gift cards

Posted on 04/17 17:28 in Shows | 0

We’ll start with general-purpose gift cards that can be used across platforms, and then discuss options for specific platforms and games.Xbox, PlayStation Store, or Nintendo eShop gift cards are the official options for their respective systems, supported by their customer service departments.

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Sony's new sensor is designed to help self-driving cars see better

Posted on 04/17 17:08 in Shows | 0

Now Sony has produced what might be the first commercially available sensor that is designed specifically for self-driving vehicle projects.The contrast in a street scene — especially at night — can be more than a standard camera’s sensor can handle.

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New Enceladus findings could have big implications in the search for alien life

Posted on 04/17 15:38 in Shows | 0

Life as we know it requires liquid water, and until recently that seemed to be in short supply outside of Earth.In fact, some moons may contain subsurface oceans with a larger total volume of water than Earth has.

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Future Firefox versions may slim down, use less memory thanks to new 'Performance' option

Posted on 04/17 14:45 in Shows | 0

Now the organization apparently has a new plan to create a browser with more fine-grained controls to reduce how much load it places on a system.If you have an older dual-core system (particularly if it’s dual-core without HT), you might want to limit the number of processes Firefox can use simultaneously, especially if you don’t have much RAM.

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Microsoft's Project Scorpio picks up FreeSync, but VR support remains hazy

Posted on 04/17 13:33 in Shows | 0

Last week we discussed the new Project Scorpio Xbox refresh, and what the enhanced gaming capabilities can do in terms of 4K and VR support.The original Xbox One isn’t thought to have put as much emphasis on HSA as the PS4 did, but Xbox Scorpio could change that, too.

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World Boss - Apocron, Nether Disruptor and Command Center, Build of the Month, DLC

Posted on 04/17 01:38 in Shows | 0

is up now, so you can head to the Broken Shore for a chance at item level 900 loot, a Iron Relic, or Life Relic.The Nether Disruptor and Command Center are active on US realms!

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Bank of Canada lets its geek flag fly with Konami code Easter egg

Posted on 04/16 23:30 in Shows | 0

If you had to hazard a guess, how many times do you think you’ve punched in the Konami code in your lifetime?The Konami code is like a Pulp Fiction reference, or that horrible arrow in the FedEx logo.

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Tesla plans to sell trucks: big semis, pickups, too

Posted on 04/14 21:32 in Shows | 0

That’s according to CEO Elon Musk, who tweeted the news Thursday: “Tesla Semi truck set for September.Big trucks weigh a lot and many of them drive long distances, which is not where battery electric vehicles shine.

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explains: What is the MOAB?

Posted on 04/14 21:32 in Shows | 0

American forces dropped the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) bomb on an ISIS cave complex in Nangarhar Province, Afghanistan, early in the morning local time on April 13, 2017.The MOAB device bears a charge of 18,700 lbs (8500 kg), composed mostly of H6, which is itself made of RDX.

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New CPUs from AMD, Intel now locked out of Windows Update on Windows 7, 8.1

Posted on 04/14 16:38 in Shows | 0

Ars Technica reports that as of now, Microsoft detects Ryzen or Kaby Lake CPUs running Windows 7 or Windows 8.0 in Windows 7, or to build NVMe drivers for that operating system), MS is short-circuiting support altogether.

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Best cars of the 2017 New York auto show

Posted on 04/13 23:27 in Shows | 0

It’s that time of the year again: Mainstream cars get their due at the 2017 New York International Auto Show, along with fuel cell concepts, mega-SUVs, and an 840-hp barely legal five-passenger Dodge sedan/drag racer.Here’s our overview of the best cars, crossovers, SUVs, and concept cars of the 2017 New York International Auto Show.

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