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Defying all logic, Nintendo has discontinued the NES Classic Edition

Posted on 04/13 22:43 in Shows | 0

After releasing the insanely popular NES Classic Edition last year, the company has made the inexplicable decision to discontinue it.The NES Classic Edition launched in November of 2016, quickly becoming a must-have holiday gift.

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Seaweed-based water pouch aims to end the need for plastic bottles

Posted on 04/13 19:59 in Shows | 0

Now a startup called Skipping Rock Labs thinks we can just skip plastic bottles entirely.They started thinking about the way water is stored and consumed on the go after working on a program to collect and repurpose plastic bottles.

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Ancient DNA showcases a war between our hominid ancestors and viruses

Posted on 04/13 17:19 in Shows | 0

The study focuses on an ancient virus known as HERV-T, which began infecting primates some 32 to 43 million years ago.The germline cells like fetal cells, sperm progenitors, and eggs that were infected with HERV-T passed the viral genes down over the eons.

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Jupiter has a 'Great Cold Spot' to go with its red spot

Posted on 04/13 15:32 in Shows | 0

Astronomers say the Great Red Spot of Jupiter might have a subtle counterpart currently being called the Great Cold Spot.Seeing the Great Red Spot was a simple matter of building a sufficiently powerful telescope.

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Windows 10 Game Mode can boost performance after all

Posted on 04/13 13:45 in Shows | 0

In a separate article, Microsoft told Mark Hachman at PCWorld that it’s always looking for new ways to improve overall performance.“We focused on this initial release in Game Mode on CPU and GPU contention,” Kevin Gammill, program manager for Xbox’s Platform Partner Group, said in the article.

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Wyrmtongue's Cache, April 12 Hotfixes, Blue Posts, Tweets, Mind Worm, Balance Druids

Posted on 04/13 06:25 in Shows | 0

After completing the quests that send you to find treasure all over the Broken Shore, will unlock.This leads you to a cave, with a vendor, keys, and chests, similar to the one on Timeless Isle.

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Nikon unveils D7500 midrange DSLR with many of the D500's features

Posted on 04/12 21:44 in Shows | 0

Today Nikon introduced an upgraded version of its prosumer DSLR, the Nikon D7500.The Nikon D7500 is built around the same 20.

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Scientists may have found the keystone use for graphene oxide

Posted on 04/12 19:40 in Shows | 0

Recently scientists discovered a new way of using one derivative form of graphene called graphene oxide, and beyond its use in research it could see a lot of use in commercial applications.Where graphene has (ideally) a perfectly regular, one-atom-thick structure of adjoining benzene rings, graphene oxide is several layers thick.

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2017 New York auto show crowded with bigger, higher-end SUVs

Posted on 04/12 17:25 in Shows | 0

Look for a lot of big SUVs and high-end SUVs at the New York International Auto Show this year.While NYIAS is held in crowded Manhattan at the Javits Center, the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut is the country’s biggest market for upscale cars and, increasingly, bigger SUVs and crossovers.

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Raspberry Pi enthusiasts can use Cortana in the Creators Update for Windows 10 IoT Core

Posted on 04/12 16:29 in Shows | 0

Most of the time, when we talk about Windows 10, we’re talking about the desktop variants of the operating system.It’s called Windows 10 IoT Core, and it’s been upgraded in the Windows 10 Creators Update to add full Cortana device support.

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The Dallas siren hack was carried out with radio signals

Posted on 04/12 13:46 in Shows | 0

That conjures up a certain image of someone hunched over a computer gaining access to critical government networks.The city first believed the incident to be a malfunction before later admitting that someone had accessed its control systems.

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Patch 7.2 - Riddler's Mind-Worm, April 11 Hotfixes, Arena Rating Cutoffs

Posted on 04/12 03:40 in Shows | 0

Since the conclusion of Legion PvP Season 2, we've been working to remove players from the ladder who were ineligible for rewards due to disqualification.That work has now been completed, which means we're ready to begin distributing end-of-season rewards.

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Nissan Rogue Dogue SUV puts Fido first

Posted on 04/11 22:53 in Shows | 0

The best seat in the Nissan Rogue SUV “Rogue Dogue”  special edition is the padded cargo compartment for carrying your dog comfortably.It’s all feasible for production, Nissan says.

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Mirai, the infamous IoT botnet, now forces 'smart' appliances to mine Bitcoin

Posted on 04/11 22:53 in Shows | 0

Earlier this year, I declared the Internet of Things had officially hit peak stupid, courtesy of a new smart toaster being shown at CES.A smart toaster that’s been hacked to mine Bitcoin.

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New composite image shows auroras on Uranus

Posted on 04/11 21:58 in Shows | 0

In addition, Uranus has the distinction of rotating with an axial tilt of 97 degrees — almost parallel to the plane of the solar system.The above images show bright auroras glowing in the clouds of Uranus, a phenomenon that was only confirmed in 2011.

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Order Hall Campaign, Followers, Upgrades, Shar'thos, Arena Skirmishes, Blue Posts

Posted on 04/11 19:47 in Shows | 0

Just to confirm, we recently applied a hotfix to change the Challenge Mission's unintentionally low reward.1 million Artifact Power at Artifact Knowledge 26.

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Best drone picks for every budget

Posted on 04/11 18:18 in Shows | 0

Next to DJI, Parrot is one of the most well-known makers of drones, having jump-started the toy drone market with the Parrot AR.But if you’re on a budget and want to set started flying, it’s one of the best options out there.

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Astronomers spot a massive explosion from the collision of two stars

Posted on 04/11 17:08 in Shows | 0

It says the collision took place 500 years ago, but it takes light from OMC-1 1,500 years to reach us.I suppose the above image is a representation of the explosion 500 years after it occurred.

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AMD's Ryzen 5 1500X and 1600X reviewed: Taking the fight against Intel to the midrange market

Posted on 04/11 15:36 in Shows | 0

We have two of the new parts on-tap today — the Ryzen 5 1500X, with an MSRP of $189, and the Ryzen 5 1600X, with an MSRP of $249.Like Ryzen 7, Ryzen 5 is aggressively targeting Intel’s price points and market position.

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AMD buys into wireless VR: Is it the start of something bigger?

Posted on 04/11 13:47 in Shows | 0

Now, it has acquired Nitero, maker of chips for wireless streaming of VR content to further bulwark its position.There are a number of competitors working on wireless VR — we’ve covered both Vive partner TPCAST and MIT’s MoVR research project.

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