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Computer model indicates Silk Road may be thousands of years older than thought

Posted on 03/14 12:46 in Shows | 0

Conventional wisdom holds that the fabled Silk Road began operating around 200 BCE and continued through the late 14th century.A new analysis of human movements across Asia suggests the Silk Road may have grown out of the paths used by simple nomadic herders thousands of years earlier.

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Nintendo investigating problems with Switch's left Joy-Con controller

Posted on 03/13 21:24 in Shows | 0

The issue is particularly severe with the left controller.Last week, a teardown video by Spawn Wave explained why the left controller has so many problems.

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2017 Mazda CX-5 first drive review: Will more tech, quieter cockpit match Audi, BMW?

Posted on 03/13 21:24 in Shows | 0

The second-generation Mazda CX-5 compact crossover / SUV marshals stands as the best choice for driving enthusiasts who need an affordable crossover to haul gear or family members.“We know we’re already better than [Honda] CR-Vs and such, so we benchmarked upscale,” Mazda’s chief engineer proclaims.

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Mysterious fast radio bursts might come from alien solar sail spacecraft

Posted on 03/13 18:41 in Shows | 0

Astronomers have been puzzling over fast radio bursts (FRB) for the last decade, but there’s not yet any good explanation of these high-energy radio blips.Now that fast radio bursts have defied explanation for this long, scientists are starting to wonder aloud if these extremely high-power emissions could be artificial.

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Intel buys Mobileye for $15 billion to lead its self-driving car unit

Posted on 03/13 18:00 in Shows | 0

Now that approach has paid off handsomely for Mobileye’s shareholders, with an agreement to be acquired by Intel for $15 billion ($63.There has been a lot of attention paid to lidar technology for self-driving cars, especially with the recent lawsuit by Alphabet’s Waymo against Uber for alleged theft of intellectual property.

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Scientists develop a robot capable of listening when told it's wrong, in real time

Posted on 03/13 16:12 in Shows | 0

Now a research team from Boston University and MIT’s CSAIL have successfully enabled Baxter to interpret and obey brain waves in real time.” Their setup gave Baxter a simple sorting task and a human judge wearing an EEG cap.

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Google's Jamboard digital whiteboard ships in May, will cost $4,999

Posted on 03/13 14:23 in Shows | 0

Yes, that’s a lot of money, but it’s less expensive than a lot of competing enterprise products.There will also be collaboration tools for smartphones and tablets that sync up with the Jamboard, which is handy for remote team members and those who don’t have their own 4K digital whiteboard.

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Microsoft's Project Scorpio will improve games at 1080p as well as offering 4K

Posted on 03/13 12:36 in Shows | 0

With Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro now shipping, there’s a great deal of speculation around Microsoft’s upcoming Project Scorpio.Microsoft has implied it wants to leapfrog both the Xbox One and the PS4 Pro by a significant margin, but details on how these improvements would impact the existing Xbox One ecosystem have been few and far between.

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Armory Stats - Equipped Legendary Items, Metzen Statue, 7.2 Notes Update, DLC #575

Posted on 03/13 06:39 in Shows | 0

Complete it to unlock a new questing hub with World Quests that make up a new Emissary and faction: Armies of Legionfall.Tarren Mill", "Gravity Lapse", and "Warsong Scramble", PvP Brawls offer a variety of mode, rules, and scenic changes to the usual Battleground gameplay.

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Adjustments to Legendaries in 7.2, Flying Achievement, Dev Q&A, Build of the Month

Posted on 03/11 01:52 in Shows | 0

Narwhal and UnicornAll of these parts can be mixed and matched to create a build between Narwhal and Unicorn.You can see an example of the change on a smaller and larger weapon below.

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AMD Ryzen CPUs are readily available, but Ryzen motherboards? Not so much

Posted on 03/11 00:04 in Shows | 0

As LegitReviews notes (and ExtremeTech confirmed), there aren’t a whole lot of motherboards currently in stock for the platform.There’s currently a bit of a gap between how AMD has described the desire for its platforms (strong demand!

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New GOP bill lets companies force you to take genetic tests, lets them share results with third parties

Posted on 03/10 21:52 in Shows | 0

A new bill introduced by Virginia Foxx (R-NC) and approved by the House Ways and Means Committee would allow corporations to force employees to undergo genetic testing — and then share those results with third parties.But HR 1313 goes farther than simply allowing genetic profiling of employees because an employer offers insurance coverage.

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Tivoli Audio updates Model One radio with Wi-Fi, doubles the price

Posted on 03/10 20:59 in Shows | 0

The price is now $300, or twice what the classic Model One radio currently costs.In simplifying the Model One Digital, Tivoli says the design is better than ever and more streamlined.

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Google's new bot-stopping reCAPTCHA is completely invisible

Posted on 03/10 19:53 in Shows | 0

You may be certain you’re not a robot, but a robot could be programmed to think that.There are several versions of the Google reCAPTCHA, including the old distorted text test.

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This week in space: SpaceX, Blue Origin, and still no aliens

Posted on 03/10 16:50 in Shows | 0

SpaceX just announced that its Falcon 9 rocket will carry EchoStar 23 into space next week.Blue Origin unveiled their new reusable heavy-lift rocket, christened the New Glenn.

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NASA may partner with more private companies on launches, rely on heavy lifters from SpaceX, Blue Origin

Posted on 03/10 14:09 in Shows | 0

Over the last few years, NASA has been one of SpaceX’s biggest supporters and funders.But the relationship between NASA and companies like SpaceX or Blue Origin has been complicated by their divergent goals and timelines for human spaceflight.

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PS4 4.50 update is out, and the PS4 Pro really benefits from Boost Mode

Posted on 03/09 22:48 in Shows | 0

Numerous small UI and social tweaks are now in place, but the biggest user-facing changes revolve around external storage improvements and the addition of a Boost Mode for unpatched games on the PS4 Pro.In addition to the much-lauded Boost Mode, USB 3.

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Will your next operating system be a game engine?

Posted on 03/09 21:56 in Shows | 0

If you’re not a gaming enthusiast, you probably aren’t familiar with software engines like the Unreal Engine or Unity Engine.All that stands to change in the near future, and we have virtual reality to thank for it.

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WoW Arena World Championship 2017, Legion PvP Season Ending Soon

Posted on 03/09 21:37 in Shows | 0

This year we’re bringing you more ways to participate, more teams, and more live action for everyone watching at home.So if you have a competitive bone in your body (and who doesn’t?

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Android is set to overtake Windows as most used operating system

Posted on 03/09 21:00 in Shows | 0

After more than eight years in the hands of consumers, Android is poised to overtake Windows as the most used operating system in the world.This measurement comes by way of web analytics firm StatCounter, which follows trends in worldwide web traffic.

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