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How do SSDs work?

Posted on 02/13 18:43 in Shows | 0

Now, let’s talk about the more basic relevant question: How do SSDs work in the first place, and how do they compare with new technologies, like Intel Optane?To understand how and why SSDs are different from spinning discs, we need to talk a little bit about hard drives.

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What's behind Ford's $1 billion on artificial intelligence: self-driving excellence

Posted on 02/13 16:54 in Shows | 0

Why is Ford investing $1 billion over five years in a Pittsburgh startup called Argo AI?It’s looking to gain an edge in self-driving car technology in the four-year countdown to 2021.

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Performance, pricing details for AMD's upcoming Ryzen CPU leak online

Posted on 02/13 14:13 in Shows | 0

According to VideoCardz, which leaked the performance data, these numbers reflect a CPU without Turbo Mode, apparently running at a flat 3.Clearly AMD felt these chips were close enough to shipping product to represent Ryzen, but there were obviously a few issues still to be sorted out.

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Patch 7.2 - Assault on Broken Shore, Exorsus Interview, Tweets, UnderWatched Ep 5

Posted on 02/13 07:44 in Shows | 0

) Dropping a game because of a specific design change (despite what you might read on forums / Reddit) is actually pretty rare.It’s really rare you see “Wow, that change we made cost us 10,000 players.

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Patch 7.2 - Order Hall Campaign, Blue Posts, Curse Hiring, FinalBoss - Resto Shaman

Posted on 02/11 21:25 in Shows | 0

Because they are generally a bear to work with, it’s often hard to get peer-reviewed results, so sometimes a player would do a ton of hard work, and it would be taken as gospel.They are good for answering relative questions (”Should I choose a dagger with haste or crit?

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Valve kills Steam Greenlight, announces Steam Direct

Posted on 02/10 23:10 in Shows | 0

Five years ago, in 2012, Valve announced Steam Greenlight — a new attempt to surface content on Steam and allow users to vote on which games should be featured.Today, Valve announced that it would kill Steam Greenlight and implement a new program, Steam Direct.

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Top 10 cars of the 2017 Chicago Auto Show

Posted on 02/10 22:16 in Shows | 0

The Chicago Auto Show at McCormick Place is the envy of the nation’s auto dealers: the largest attendance of any US auto show, and enough room for multiple indoor test tracks.Still, Chicago generates its fair share of new car introductions (that is, midlife refreshes) as opposed to “all new” cars (a new model), model variants such as convertibles or off-road versions, and hints of new models.

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South Africa may be the epicenter of a geomagnetic pole reversal in progress

Posted on 02/10 20:29 in Shows | 0

The Earth’s magnetic field is so discombobulated over South Africa that some scientists believe we’re seeing the opening strains of a planet-wide polarity change.And the Earth’s magnetic field isn’t perfectly even, either.

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ET deals: 256GB solid-state drive for $99.99 with a $50 Dell gift card

Posted on 02/10 20:29 in Shows | 0

Now’s an excellent opportunity to invest in a solid-state drive.Right this moment, Dell is selling a 256GB SSD at a 50% discount, and throwing in a $50 gift card to boot.

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This week in space: VR, Juno, and Wavey McWaveface

Posted on 02/10 18:42 in Shows | 0

The first gravitational wave ever sensed by mankind has a Twitter account, and you people voted to name it Wavey McWaveface.Juno has returned a batch of images, and NASA encourages the general public to work with the raw images and submit them back.

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Rumor: Apple may add wireless charging to iPhone 8, but top-end model could cost $1,000

Posted on 02/10 16:52 in Shows | 0

Business Insider has published a pair of rumors on various aspects of the upcoming iPhone 8.KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Apple will move back to all-glass construction with the iPhone 8 for all three models.

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Tesla to start pilot production on the Model 3 by February 20, volume production in July

Posted on 02/10 15:58 in Shows | 0

On Wednesday, Tesla confirmed it will shut down its California plant to retool it for production of the (hopefully) high-volume Model 3.The brief, planned pause (according to Tesla) is to expand its paint shop, perform general maintenance, and prep the plant for increased productivity February 20 is Tesla’s target for initial production on the Model 3, according to Reuters.

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Intel releases specs for first Optane SSD, new drive should pack a wallop

Posted on 02/10 14:09 in Shows | 0

Long-term price is an unknown — the sheer economy of scale around NAND flash makes it difficult for any new storage technology to challenge in terms of cost-per-GB.Now, however, we have some idea how Optane will perform, at least in Intel’s initial data center SSD.

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Earnings Call, Feb 9 Hotfixes, Dev Communication Improvements, Blue Posts, WowCraft

Posted on 02/10 03:17 in Shows | 0

We've been working extremely hard to improve communication.We've been working our butts off to make it happen.

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Sony's new Boost Mode improves PS4 Pro game performance by up to 38 percent

Posted on 02/09 22:54 in Shows | 0

Earlier this week we discussed Sony’s Boost Mode for the PS4 Pro.Now, we have some idea what kind of benefits Boost Mode can deliver — and frankly, they’re pretty impressive.

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Buick joins the torque-vectoring, goes-in-the-snow, all-wheel-drive show

Posted on 02/09 21:59 in Shows | 0

The Active Twin Clutch system is on the Buick Envision, a just-shipped compact “world class luxury crossover” (Buick’s words) and the refreshed 2017 Buick LaCrosse, a midsize sedan.But more torque vectoring systems are on all-wheel-drive systems, a combination of electronic and mechanical systems, such as Audi’s Quattro system, Acura’s Super-Handling All-Wheel-Drive, or BMW’s Dynamic Performance Control.

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Archeologists have crowdsourced protecting ancient ruins and it feels like playing Minecraft

Posted on 02/09 20:09 in Shows | 0

GlobalXplorer, a new citizen-science project by Sarah Parcak and colleagues, bears more than a superficial resemblance to hunting for treasure in Minecraft.Participants get high-altitude views of a given region, and they’re supposed to help spot ruins and ancient sites.

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Hands on with Synology's RT2600ac monster Wi-Fi router

Posted on 02/09 19:10 in Shows | 0

From the minute you take it out of the box, you can tell the Synology RT2600ac Wi-Fi router ($229.If you already have a Synology NAS, the user interface of the RT2600ac will look familiar.

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How a poker-playing AI could help prevent your next bout of the flu

Posted on 02/09 17:21 in Shows | 0

You’d be forgiven for finding little exceptional about the latest defeat of an arsenal of poker champions by the computer algorithm Libratus in Pittsburgh last week.Peel back a layer though, and the most recent AI victory is as disturbing as it is compelling.

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ET deals: Take 70% off online courses on Skillwise

Posted on 02/09 17:21 in Shows | 0

Now’s an excellent opportunity to start with an online course from Skillwise.For a limited time, they’re offering up a 70% discount when you use today’s coupon code.

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