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Samsung's Note 7 recycling center catches fire, company blames faulty batteries

Posted on 02/09 15:34 in Shows | 0

On Wednesday, 19 fire engines and 110 firemen reported to a fire at Samsung SDI’s Chinese manufacturing facility in Tianjin.There’s no indication that it was actually Note 7 batteries, specifically, that caused the failure — but the Wuqing branch of the Tianjin fire department had a rather different explanation for what had happened.

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Facebook closing nearly half its Oculus kiosks in Best Buy stores

Posted on 02/09 13:44 in Shows | 0

Last year, Facebook announced it would push Oculus Rift demo kits in 500 Best Buy stores around the nation.” “We’re making some seasonal changes and prioritizing demos at hundreds of Best Buy locations in larger markets,” Oculus spokesperson Andrea Schubert said.

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Battle.Net - Facebook Friends, Love is in the Air, Hotfixes, Raid Testing, Blue Posts

Posted on 02/09 08:35 in Shows | 0

On Friday, February 10, we will be conducting a preliminary raid test of two Tomb of Sargeras Heroic bosses.Keep an eye on this forum for the latest information, and thank you in advance for testing and providing feedback.

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Sony's new DRAM-enhanced image sensor is a game changer for smartphone photography

Posted on 02/08 22:10 in Shows | 0

Its new design adds a layer of DRAM between the pixel layer and the circuit layer.The addition of on-board DRAM will help solve at least three major issues with current smartphone cameras: rolling shutter artifacts, slow-motion videos, and multi-image noise reduction artifacts.

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Intel will finally finish Fab 42 in Arizona, bring new 7nm capacity online

Posted on 02/08 21:29 in Shows | 0

Several years ago, Intel announced that it wouldn’t finish its 14nm manufacturing plant, Fab 42.Now, Intel has announced that it will be bringing Fab 42 online, but not as a 14nm facility.

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Google unveils super-resolution 'zoom-and-enhance' tech

Posted on 02/08 20:35 in Shows | 0

In real life, various techniques have been used to restore detail to images, but so far they have tended to work with what’s there.Called super resolution, the goal is to create or restore detail in an image in the process of increasing its resolution.

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2.28 seconds: Tesla Model S sets production car record for 0-60 mph

Posted on 02/08 19:41 in Shows | 0

A Tesla Model S P100DL just recorded the fastest time ever for a production car to reach 60 mph: 2.Last November, Tesla chairman Elon Musk Tweeted, “Looks like the Model S P100D Easter egg will allow it to do 0 to 60 mph in 2.

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The Keck Observatory just delivered these exoplanet beauty shots by redirecting starlight into the eye of an optical storm

Posted on 02/08 17:54 in Shows | 0

But the vortex coronagraph doesn’t use a mask.Instead of obstructing photons, the vortex coronagraph “redirects” them away from the camera “using a technique in which light waves are combined and canceled out.

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ET deals: Get the complete introduction to R programming bundle for $49

Posted on 02/08 16:40 in Shows | 0

• The complete introduction to R programming bundle for $49 (List price: $606) First, let’s talk e-books.You’ll get “R: Data analysis and visualization” ($60 value), “R: Unleash machine learning techniques” ($67 value), and “Data visualization: Representing information on modern web” ($70 value).

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An Intel Atom C2000 bug is killing products from multiple manufacturers

Posted on 02/08 16:05 in Shows | 0

Every processor and chipset has some degree of bugs, but these issues rarely become critical flaws that jeopardize a product.Once the component has failed, the system will stop functioning, will not boot, and is not recoverable.

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Steam patches flaw that exposed user profiles to drive-by attacks

Posted on 02/08 15:11 in Shows | 0

Yesterday, news broke that Steam was affected by a cross-site scripting vulnerability that could compromise Steam account safety or be used to steal user data.A cross-site script vulnerability is a vulnerability that allows attacks to be injected into websites viewed by other users.

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Intel may be prepping new Core i5, i7 processors to attack AMD Ryzen

Posted on 02/08 13:41 in Shows | 0

Given that AMD is prepping to launch a major architectural revision, it therefore makes sense to think Intel might be prepping new launches of its own.For more information you can check our guide to choosing between a Core i5 and Core i7 for both mobile and desktop processors.

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Patch 7.2 PTR - Build 23530

Posted on 02/08 00:50 in Shows | 0

5 sec cast.5 sec cast.

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'Locked-in' ALS patients get a voice thanks to this new mind-reading machine

Posted on 02/07 21:11 in Shows | 0

Now researchers from Europe have used a brain-computer interface to communicate with four completely locked-in ALS patients.Locked-in syndrome means that patients can’t communicate, even though they’re still “in there.

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Ford unveils tech-heavy 2018 Ford Expedition: a rolling entertainment palace

Posted on 02/07 18:29 in Shows | 0

The 2018 Ford Expedition was unveiled today as the ultimate rolling infotainment center.The 2018 Expedition “offers more driver-assist technology than any other full-size SUV,” Ford says.

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ET deals: Save 63% on Private Internet Access VPN

Posted on 02/07 17:35 in Shows | 0

And since Private Internet Access VPN is on sale right now, there’s no reason to wait.And thanks to the included killswitch, it can automatically halt traffic if your VPN connection is ever broken.

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Western Digital, Toshiba announce first 512Gbit 64-layer TLC 3D-NAND

Posted on 02/07 17:35 in Shows | 0

“The launch of the industry’s first 512Gb 64-layer 3D NAND chip is another important stride forward in the advancement of our 3D NAND technology, doubling the density from when we introduced the world’s first 64-layer architecture in July 2016,” said Dr.Siva Sivaram, executive vice president, memory technology, Western Digital.

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Nioh lets the player decide what matters most: frame rate or fidelity

Posted on 02/07 16:41 in Shows | 0

Even better, the developers let players decide whether to prioritize the responsiveness of 60fps or the additional visual fidelity granted by halving the frame rate.On both PS4 and PS4 Pro, players can choose between three different options: Movie mode, variable movie mode, and action mode.

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Vizio to pay $2.2 million to the FTC for unprecedented spying on US customers

Posted on 02/07 14:52 in Shows | 0

While the company patched that specific problem after it was publicly disclosed by third parties, the FTC opened an investigation into the company’s behavior more generally.That’s precisely what the FTC found: Defendants facilitate the provision of demographic information to third parties about VIZIO television viewers.

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Nvidia unveils Quadro cards powered by full GP100 Pascal GPUs, HBM2

Posted on 02/07 13:58 in Shows | 0

Now Nvidia has announced the Quadro GP100 — an ultra-high end GPU based on the full Pascal implementation, with HBM2 attached as well.In fact, the Quadro GP100 offers less FLOPS performance than the GP102-derived P6000.

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